Barbara Guest Publications

  • The Location of Things. Tibor de Nagy, 1960
  • Poems: The Location of Things, Archaics, The Open Skies. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1962.
  • The Blue Stairs. New York: Corinth Books, 1968.
  • Moscow Mansions. New York: Viking Press, 1973.
  • The Countess from Minneapolis. Providence, RI: Burning Deck, 1976, reprint 1991.
  • The Türler Losses. Montreal: Mansfield Book Mart, 1979.
  • Biography. Providence, RI: Burning Deck, 1980.
  • Quilts. Vehicle Edition, 1981.
  • Fair Realism. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1989, reprint 1995.
  • Defensive Rapture. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1993.
  • Selected Poems. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1995.
  • Stripped Tales. Berkeley: Kelsey Street Press, 1995
  • Quill, Solitary Apparition. Sausalito, CA: Post-Apollo Press, 1996.
  • Musicality. Berkeley: Kelsey Street Pres. 1998
  • Rocks on a Platter: Notes on Literature. Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press, 1999.
  • If So, Tell Me. London, England: 1999.
  • The Confetti Trees. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1999.
  • Symbiosis. Berkeley: Kelsey Street Press, 2000
  • Miniatures and Other Poems. Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press, 2002
  • The Red Gaze, Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press, 2005
    (reading of complete text at PennSound)
  • Collected Poems, Wesleyan, 2008

  • Herself Defined: The Poet H.D. and Her World. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1984.

  • Robert Goodnough, Painter (with B.H. Friedman). Paris: G. Fall, 1962.
  • I Ching: Poems & Lithographs (with artist Sheila Isham). Paris: Mourlot Art Editions, 1969.
  • Musicality (with artist June Felter). Berkeley: Kelsey St. Press, 1988.
  • The Nude (with artist Warren Brandt). New York: International Editions, 1989.
  • The Altos (with artist Richard Tuttle). San Francisco: Hank Hine Editions, 1991.
  • Etruscan Reader VI (with Robin Blaser and Lee Harwood). Etruscan Books, 1998.
  • Stripped Tales (with artist Anne Dunn). Berkeley: Kelsey St. Press, 1995.
  • Strings (with artist Ann Slacik). Paris: 1999.
  • The Luminous (with artist Jane Moorman). Palo Alto: 1999.
  • Symbiosis (with artist Laurie Reid). Berkeley: Kelsey St. Press, 2000.


  • The Ladies Choice, produced in New York at Artists Theatre, 1953.
  • The Office, produced in New York at Cafe Chino, 1961.
  • Port, produced in New York at American Theatre for Poets, 1965.

    Selected Essays about Barbara Guest:
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  • LINEbreak audio program

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