Lyn Hejinian
from The Cell












It is the writer's object
          to supply the hollow green
          and yellow life of the
          human I
It rains with rains supplied
          before I learned to type
          along the sides who when
          asked what we have in
          common with nature replied opportunity
          and size
Readers of the practical help
They then reside
And resistance is accurate--it
          rocks and rides the momentum
Words are emitted by the
          rocks to the eye
Motes, parts, genders, sights collide
There are concavities
It is not imperfect to
          have died

                              October 6, 1986


In the dark sky there
          are constellations, all of them
          erotic and they break open
          the streets
The streets exceed the house
On occasion the body exceeds
          the self
Everyday someone replaces someone and
          someone's mother is sad so
          as to exceed
The bed is a popular
          enclosure from which to depart
Outside the stars are stunning
It is a question of
It is erotic when parts
          exceed their scale

                              November 15, 1986


Write worldwide--with the muscular
          power of uncertainty--and approve
          the world
Everything is subject to visibility
          and the represented model is
Living things in their redaction
          decide to yodel
Thanks to a psychoacoustical transformation
          they laugh
Ah! dark clipping shifts
Never alone in the chest
The unit of anything which
          will increase
An elation from weather is
We make the advance which
          is sexual
One woman friend feeling embarrassed
          at the nudists' beach
From embarrassment, hidden in an
          embrace--we invite it in
The least unit of shape,
          oath, hover, farmhouse, many people's
          walking with traffic passing, green
In the park, wanting to
          see every painting and not
          to miss the gorillas
Such is the romance of
          the lack of improvement
It is obdurate but not

                              January 19, 1987



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