Anselm Hollo
from Outlying Districts (1990)


In the Land of Art

the artists
work on the art farm.

They store the art they make
in the art barn.

Once in a while, they take some out
and take it to the art store.

When the art store sells some,
they take their share
and put it in the art bank.

Then they take their art checkbooks
and go to the art inn
to have a good time.

Or take each other to an art movie
or an art dance.

They wash their clothes at the art laundromat
unless they are successful and rich and have
their own art washer and dryer
in their art basement.

When the artists take a trip
(an art trip)
they stay at the art hotel.

When they get sick, they go to the art hospital.
And when they die, they're buried
in the art cemetery.

And that's the life of the artists
in the land of art.