Anselm Hollo
from Ahoe 2 (Johnny Cash Writes a Letter to Santa Claus) (1998)

Sorrow Horse Music


                                "no matter how new age you are
                                 old age is gonna bite your ass"
                                                             — Utah Phillips


creaky human continuum
seduced by daily lot
after remains of the day
(no encounters of the close kind)
on to headlights windings revelations
& things heard naked la nuit
veiled nestings     coils feed to antennae
all events occur in different places
& at different times while the i

     drop me in a glass
     where leaf or mouse is a message
     of silent evaporation
     forget lucky adjustments
     rain high above

     ("poetry in translation"
     — way too easy)

escapes its obligations into this writing
psyches itself to sound right
personal ways of eternal become line
literally filled with thinking