Anselm Hollo
from Ahoe (And How on Earth) (1997)


Things to Do with Life

hang out with quantum generation
watch their terrible elegant dance

apply for job: editor of the universe
write: abrupt paint essential
write: glyph dog curiosity

ask: intergalactic thinking junked?
ask: democracy a blip on the screen?

stay at Hotel Nouvelle France
23 rue des Messageries
with ye raven's mistris

say there, there, surely not a time
for angel wings to be so public
pulse in mountain rhythm
"melancholy, unanswerable"

compose complicated fits
maintain ancient intimate anarch
stare at darkening trees on ridge
observe steadfast lights
look to save day into dark
     words write long laughter

out of once far ago
young splashings in snow
or old now in cherished chateau
where opal lightwave swoops
from l'oeil de ma Jeanne