Anselm Hollo

Anselm Hollo

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The Tortoise of History, 2016, Toronto, Coffee House Press

Guests of Space, 2007, Toronto, Coffee House Press

Braided River, New and Selected Poems 1965-2005, 2005, Cambridge, Salt Publishing

Notes on the Possibilities and Attractions of Existence: Selected Poems 1965 - 2000, 2001, Toronto, Coffee House Press

rue Wilson Monday, 2000, Albuquerque, La Alameda Press

AHOE 2: Johnny Cash Writes a Letter to Santa Claus, 1998, London, Writers Forum

AHOE: And How On Earth, 1997, Erie, CO, Smokeproof Press

Corvus, 1995, Minneapolis, Coffee House Press

Survival Dancing, 1995, Boulder, Rodent Press

West Is Left on the Map, 1993, Boulder, Dead Metaphor Press

High Beam, 1993, Riverdale, MD, Pyramid Atlantic

Blue Ceiling, 1992, Lawrence, KS, Tansy Press

Space Baltic, 1991, Mountain View, CA, Ocean View Books

Near Miss Haiku, 1990, Chicago, Yellow Press

Outlying Districts, 1990, Bolinas CA, Smithereens Press

Pick Up the House, 1986, Minneapolis, MN, Coffee House Press

No Complaints, 1983, Toronto, Coffee House Press

Finite Continued, 1980, Berkeley, Blue Wind Press

With Ruth in Mind, 1979, Barrytown, NY, Station Hill

Lunch in Fur 1978, St. Paul, MN, Truck Press

Heavy Jars, 1977, West Branch, IA, Toothpaste Press

Sojourner Microcosms, 1977, Berkeley, Blue Wind Press

Lingering Tangos, 1977, Baltimore, Tropos Press

Motes & Paramecia, 1976, Baltimore, Joujouka Toujours

Black Book, 1974, Center Conway, NH, Walker's Pond Press

Some Worlds, 1974, New Rochelle, NY, Elizabeth Press

Sensation No, 27, 1972, Canton, NY, The Institute of Further Studies

Maya, 1970, London, Cape Goliard Press

Tumbleweed, 1968, Toronto, Weed/Flower Press

Haiku, 1968, London, Trigram Press

The Coherences, 1968, London, Trigram Press

Faces & Forms, 1966, London, Ambit Books

& It Is a Song, 1965, Birmingham, U.K. Migrant Press

Selected Poetry Translations

Pentti Saarikoski – Trilogy 2003, Albequerque, La Alameda Press

Five from Finland, 2001, London, Reality Street Editions

Mirkka Rekola – 88 Poems, 2000, Helsinki, Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö

Kai Nieminen – Serious Poems, 2000, Minneapolis, Rain Taxi

Lauri Otonkoski – 20 Poems, 1999, Sausalito, CA, Duration Press

Aleksandr Blok – Twelve and Other Poems, 1971, New York, Gnomon Distribution

Tuomas Anhava – In the Dark, Move Slowly, 1969, London, Cape Goliard Press

Paavo Haavikko – Selected Poems, 1968, London, Cape Goliard Press

Andrei Voznesensky – Selected Poems, 1966, New York, Grove Press

Red Cats, (Semyon Kirsanov, Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko), 1962, San Francisco, City Lights, Pocket Poets Number 16

Selected Prose Translations

Peter Stephan Jungk – Franz Werfel: A Life in Prague, Vienna, and Hollywood, 2012, Lexington, MA, Plunkett Lake Press

Antti Tuuri A Day in Ostrobothnia, 2001, Toronto, Aspasia Books

Lars Kleberg – Starfall: A Triptych, 1997, Evanston, IL, Hydra Books/Northwestern University Press

Jaan Kross – Professor Martens' Departure, 1995, New York, New Press

Jaan Kross – The Czar's Madman, 1994, New York, Pantheon

Zlatko Dizdarevic Sarajevo, A War Journal , 1993,New York, Fromm Intl

Verena Kast – Imagination As Space of Freedom: Dialogue Between the Ego and the Unconscious, 1993,New York, Fromm Intl

Louis Malle – Au Revoir les Enfants (screenplay), 1988, New York, Grove Press

Jean Genet – Querelle, 1974, New York, Grove Press

Lars Ullerstam – The Erotic Minorities, 1966, New York, Grove Press

Bertholt Brecht – Jungle of Cities, 1965, New York, Grove Press

Olof Lagercrantz – August Strindberg, 1964, New York, Farrar, Straus, Giroux

Vladimir Maximov – A Man Survives, 1963, New York, Grove Press


As Editor

A Purchase In The White Botanica: The Collected Poetry Of Piero Heliczer, 2001, New York, Granary Books

Modern Swedish Poetry in Translation, (with Gunnar Harding), 1979, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press

Negro Verse, 1964, Dufour Editions