Putting shape into getting without perfect in a culture that doesn't think, pumps up, the
two traits go at the face of rate themselves, cropped by impasse, express your
monochromatics from within, discover it blushes, reduce the signs to surface, sharing
space in a new high-tech fabric, the pale face extra - prevent every day year after year,
retreat returns by filling out advance notice, since seeing is oxygen more supple, sways,
just take graceful, tilt feature-controls are big, stable rattles accept different speeds sing,
sprawl-moguls seized a story, raking in celebrity, heat-activated genre, hands full
turned, loops removable gusseted, postpone television, revelations, introspection, an
assemblage not incidentally imposed, crossover success, so many boxes yet smashes
toward toward, reassured radio a deception, zipper jacket armor, lovely villanous
rejection, restored scaffolding, increased younger easy to track viral replicate, tattoo
their own lives around a single bulb, based like a medication in training isn't
necessary or comparable, measure intensity - buy a pair, fit the trick and in windproof
advantage this material is any activity, land match better than any comeback, small bag
of trailing and various tossed out, overstuffed and glamorous and steadfast optically,
there was art but polite conversation made her drink and judged, designed personality,
a few hundred more dollars into a red can, outstretched, temporary fix, irritation
binding it in, treats beast is a star would breed collected sermons, clutch guns
elsewhere, the story met by saturation, machinery was made of the matter, ordinary
waving pieces in case sentimental, altogether eery minute, softening seriously would
require tips, partially hesitant emphasis with a chuckle to combat trumpets at the
intersection, furniture I can ride and left profile, running on that torchére events of the
eleventh hour push play arrived, how large in prompting, accordance when fruits and
equally violence, hand in the fascination, modern nervous during this apartment card
out of camera, square trying, distilleries rumba for lunch, flexible-link heavens.


- from The Tongue Moves Talk, Karen Mac Cormack (Chax Press/West House Books, Hay-on-Wye, 1997);
this piece is "full justified," that is, flush with the left and right margins, in the printed text.


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