This is the demarcation of perceived line falling short of continuation.
Cut staple / recruit monologue.

Repeat so blinking doubles. There are no apologies left to borrow or bide in a pinch.
(Perhaps de Beauvoir did it best twice.) Products of different countries a vector into
bodies of numerous nationalities. These effects. Sex is still on the modified agenda
akimbo time zones survive difficult release realize malapert options. There's no
funding for your thinking. How a reject comes - to be selected. Dowse name brands
and reinvent the bow tie. Bow wow visits the month before.

The word's streteched or condensed in addition to interpretation so meaning's local
levels become individually acute while generally accounting for "misunderstood".

If you show a bit of leg the ledger shifts regardless of whose lap supports it.



- from The Tongue Moves Talk, Karen Mac Cormack (Chax Press/West House Books, Hay-on-Wye, 1997)


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