Douglas Messerli

President and Accounted



Taken and imposed
of whomever, it jumps
onto its feet, the need
to run after anyone, even
if they stagnate in bed-you cling
in your atrocious powers
plunge-go ahead-
neck and neck with the parrot
who imitated you
into success. The target
forms purpose, like the cat
who circled, circled
circled round the cage
which, from its vantage
appeared like a perch
of especial appreciation. Terror sleeps
with the birds, even if the dream
it repeats is the weeping
heard weeping in the adjacent
room, where everyone has been turned into
the dark hide-out of knowledge.
How long? How long does it take
to go down on the hard punch?
And I do mean the party drink!

February 3, 1998