Photo Gallery

With Jacqueline Risset reading from La Traduction Commence, Providence 1995.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Hocquard.

Reading at Segue Foundation, New York City 1996.

With Juliana Spahr, Elizabeth Willis, and Kristin Prevallet. Circa 1996.

Photo credit: Lee Ann Brown.

With Karlien van der Beukel, Lucy Sheerman, Stephen Rodefer, and Steve Evans at the Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry in Cambridge, England, 1997.
In Paris, 1998.
With Backwoods Broadsides publisher Sylvester Pollet, at the University of Maine, circa 2000.
With Robert Creeley at the University of Maine, 2001.

Chez Waldrop, with Keith, Ray Ragosta, and "pseudo-Keith."

Photo credit: © 2004 JB Wolgamot.

Jennifer Moxley introducing Fred Wah at the NPF Conference on the Poetry of the 1970s Introducing the poet Fred Wah on the opening night of the National Poetry Foundation's 2008 conference on The Poetry of the 1970s
Jennifer Moxley at Petite Plaisance At "Petite Plaisance," former home of Marguerite Yourcenar and Grace Frick on Mount Desert Island in Maine, in 2008
Poets Jennifer Moxley and Eileen Myles
Talking with Eileen Myles about Jimmy Schuyler and John Wieners in a poetics seminar at UMaine in 2010.
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