Lorine Niedecker: from New Goose. Edited by Jenny Penberthy.

Forthcoming from Listening Chamber Press, Berkeley in 2002.
The collection includes all of Niedecker's New Goose poems written between 1936 and 1944.


For sun and moon and radio
farmers pay dearly;
their natural resource: turn
the world off early.

Hop press 
       and conveyor for a hearse, 
Newall Carpenter Senior's 
       two patented works. 
         . . . 
Kilbourne. Eighteen sixty-eight. 
Twelve hundred women and boys hopped. 
When the market raced down to a dime a pound 
from sixty-five cents, planters who'd staked 
all they had, stopped. 


Old Hamilton hailed the man from the grocery store:
What's today, Friday? Thursday! Oh,
nothing till tomorrow.