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Clayton Eshleman/Notes on Charles Olson and the Archaic

Andre Spears/Warlords of Atlantis: Chasing the Demon of Analogy in the America(s) of Lawrence, Artaud and Olson and Re: Sun @ Aquarius (Harmolodic projeKct for Charles Olson)

Jonathan Skinner/Excerpt from “Sites of Writing: From Frederick Law Olmsted to Robert Smithson”

Douglas Spangle/from Oregon to Gloucester, Maximus: An Enquiry for Charles Olson

Alan Gilbert/Charles Olson and Empire, or Charles Olson Flips the Wartime Script

Ammiel Alcalay/Republics of Poetry and What to Whom

Don Byrd/Cybernetics and Form and "an actual earth of value to /construct one"

Pierre Joris/Where is Olson Now?

Jeff Wild/Charles Olson’s Maximus: A Polis of Attention and Dialogue

Donald Wellman/Olson and Subjectivity: “Projective Verse and The Uncertainties of Sex

Anne Waldman/Feminafesto:Olson

Don Byrd/ Curriculum for the Conning of the New Polis (Olson Now!)

Stephen Farrell/Call Me Ipsissimus: Charles Olson in Jonathan Bayliss's Gloucesterbook

Danuta Borchardt/
Cranberry Juice in a Glass: Based on a few events from Charles Olson's life in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Paul Nelson/The Sound of the Field and Organic Poetry and Dualism and Olson's Antidote

Kelly Matthews/Letter to Maximus From Cassandra

Peter Bearse, Ph.D./Polis is This: The Persistence of Place A Review Essay

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