Dear Shirley

                   the lines fall perfectly         ( not 'too perfect' --
did you say something about that once? -- but perfect      )
and the structure of the statement perfect and a joy       I read the
final word       dance             in the first moment as pure glory --
there's a delicacy involved of course, a turn of delicacy like the
dance, but nevertheless or therefore pure glory -- and in the next
moment remembered that   in the pause of the line-break was the
hope that it might be more and the fear that it might be very
much less

                  ((( who is it in a poem which neither fails nor is
'too perfect'?             the world and everyone somehow in it?)

                                          0, that dance is as wonderful as
sailing this bay and the ocean. Not more wonderful because it
could not be, but still it is not more wonderful             Did she put
on his knowledge with his power - - - - I think of the Yeats, and
indeed perhaps he is heavy-footed but I think l approach the door
where there is no door and cannot see or say what I need --        I don't
know, again,     whether poetry will serve or serve me

Obviously not useful comment             the poem is as perfect as
music, which is very rare             I am writing this letter about


and to thank you for the news of Debbie and Joan and Hello       How
very kind of them to be happy     We had a fine evening. thinking of
them and the 110 acres

                                          obviously the duty of the young to be
happy       If they're not we'1l     all hang ourselves       odd burden for
them to carry        Can't be helped

               with our love