Dear Shirley:

Hooray, as you say, indeed.

                                              Your letter arrived two minutes
ago                  as we are packing to go to Maine tomorrow
morning.      We are very -- I was going to say excited.
We are very moved, rather.

                             about Maine: we've made promises to ourselves
and to others, and shipped some things there -- .We would
like to solve this by cutting short the summer in Maine: that
is, we are -- or Mary is -- at this moment phoning El Al
to arrange for a flight , or it would be several flights, I
suppose, counting change of planes (transfer in Boston or
N Y for Sept 1st Would like to stay thru
Sept and Oct at least.. Will this be 0 K?

                                              As for us, we think it will be marvelous.

Marvelous. Almost literally. For, no, I don't think I
could become an Isreali: my sense of Jewishness is a vague
sense of being foreign and therefore, in an american way, or
rather one of the american ways, faintly aristocratic - - -
the word may not be the exact word, and the feeling may be hard
to define, but it's mine, and Im stuck with it.


I feel as if the taxi were at the door ---                    forgive this 
illegible typing

                        Shirley, we are very grateful



(handwritten at bottom)

Tickets obtained by phone: we will
leave NY Sept 2nd:
Leave Israel Oct 16
Our address:
Maine U. S. 04683