Books of Poetry

Jury, Meow Press, 1996
Amblyopia, Avenue B, 1993
The Lab-Book (editor and co-author), Poetics Program at SUNY Buffalo, 1992
Balance, Leave Books, 1992
Underwater Dive: Version One, Paradigm Press, 1990
Twelve Parts of Her, Burning Deck Press, 1989

Anthologized Writing

1995 play Face and Body in NuMuse: New Plays from Brown University, ed.
Aishah Rahman.
1994 "Venice" and "over-painting" included in The Art of Practice:
Forty-Five Contemporary Poets
, eds. Dennis Barone and Peter Ganick. Potes
and Poets Press.
1993 "dead text, " "Upbringing," "Industry of Balloons," "Odradek," and
"Lepsy" in Subliminal Time, ed. Leslie Scalapino. O Books.
1993 "Ambiguities of Hyaline," in Writing from the New Coast:
, eds. Peter Gizzi and Juliana Spahr, O-blek Editions.

Poetry in Journals

"Ellerby's Observatory"

#3: "Town"
#4: "sands," "the parrot: distinction of awkward shape, allure of deep
color," "'imposition of agility' (notes on the definition of 'capture')"
"Character Derive"

Big Allis
#2: "in the veils," "Venice," "nineteen-thirties"

Central Park
#15: "small system"

Spring 1997: "The Character"

#10: "prologue" and "Expedition V" from Stray Plenum

Hole Magazine
#1: excerpts from "Photos of that family and subsequent treatise"

#7: "Circuit Carver"
#8: "Appendix"

excerpt from Jury

vol. 4, no. 2: "over-painting"

#5: "Harlequin," "Alchemy"
#8: excerpts from Amblyopia
#11: "Upbringing"

#3: "The Drivers"

13th Moon
vol. XII, nos. 1 & 2: "Expedition VII" from Stray Plenum

#4: "Hill Where," "Starting Point," "Buying a House"
#5: "Dialogue on the Locative Case"
#8: "Diary"
#11: "As the Crow Flies" written in collaboration with Ann Lauterbach

#25: "Through the Silent Screen"

Co-editor of Chain with Juliana Spahr. The mission of the journal is to
investigate language in its various presentational frames. Special topics
have included gender and editing, documentary, and hybrid genres.


1996 "Reading Reeds and Other Clues in Satoru Takahashi's Dumping Sight:
Landscape/Landscope." University at Buffalo Art Gallery OVERVIEW,
1994 "The Line and the Arc: An Analogical Discussion of Kleist's 'On the
Marionette Theatre'." A Poetics of Criticism. eds. Juliana Spahr, Mark
Wallace, Kristin Prevallet, Pam Rehm. Buffalo: Leave Books.
1993 "Leslie Scalapino in the Word Circus," Witz. (Available at
1993 short untitled essay in Writing from the New Coast: Technique, eds.
Juliana Spahr and Peter Gizzi, O-blek Editions.