The Chase*

Nick Piombino


The poet
alone with life
as day fades out
inhales the ellipsis
wish and dream
truth and desire
unnamed beads
on a chain

The sacrifice
once made, the
ear tells it
again from the
doubts surround
hopes, a logical

No more imaginary
than real, invisible
exchanges mark a
phase of separation
and restraint, thoughts
occluded from
experience, nets
mistaken for touch

Regrets truncate
misfortunes, sounds
repeat the origins
which produced them
assent disguised as
resistance, a smile
on the face of

Opposite realities
dissolve inside and
pose themselves as doubles,
as choices

as words attempt
to hide from their own
effigies, blend into
themselves and


*This poem originally appeared on fait accompli. It has been reprinted with the permission of its author.


Copyright 2003 Nick Piombino