Stephen Ratcliffe
Department of English
Mills College
Oakland, CA 94613

Books of Poetry

Real. Avenue B, 2007

Portraits & Repetition. The Post Apollo Press, 2002

SOUND/ (system). Green Integer, 2002

Idea's Mirror. Potes & Poets Press, 1999

Mallarmé: poem in prose. Santa Barbara Review Publications, 1998

Sculpture. Littoral Books, 1996

Present Tense. The Figures, 1995

Private. Buffalo, NY: LEAVE Books, 1993.

spaces in the light said to be where one/ comes from. Elmwood, CT: Potes & Poets Press, 1992

Selected Letters. Tenerife, Spain: Zasterle Press, 1992

five. Oakland, CA: Slim Press, 1991

Before Photography. Oakland, CA: THE Press, 1991

Metalmorphosis. Oakland, CA: THE Press, 1991

Sonnets. Elmwood, CT: Potes & Poets Press, 1989

[where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG. Oakland, CA: O Books, 1989

Rustic Diversions. Los Angeles, CA: Echo Park Press, 1988

Mobile/Mobile. Los Angeles, CA: Echo Park Press, 1987

Distance. Bolinas, CA: Avenue B, 1986

New York Notes. Bolinas, CA: Tombouctou, 1983


Books of Criticism

Reading the Unseen: (Offstage) Hamlet. Denver, CO: Counterpath Press, 2009

Listening to Reading. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2000

Campion: On Song. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981


Books Edited

Talking in Tranquility: Interviews with Ted Berrigan. Bolinas/Oakland, CA: Avenue B /
O Books, 1991

Avenue B Books Published

Involuntary Vision: After Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (2003)
OUTSIDE, by Todd Baron (1995)
Registers / (People In All), by Clark Coolidge (1994)
Amblyopia, by Jena Osman (1993)
Second Law, by Elizabeth Willis (1993)
Linen Minus, by Susan Gevirtz (1992)
News on Skis, by Peter Ganick (1992)
Talking in Tranquility: Interviews with Ted Berrigan (1991)
Post Hoc, by Michael Davidson (1990
Words n Ends from Ez, by Jackson Mac Low (1989)
Among the Blacks, by Raymond Roussel and Ron Padgett (1988)
Japan, by Maxine Chernoff (1987)
Distance, by Stephen Ratcliffe (1986)



Poetry and Plural Identifications. Oakland, CA 2002
Primary Trouble: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry. Jersey City, NY, 1996.
The Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry: 1993-1994. Los
Angeles, CA, Sun & Moon Press, 1995
Parnassus of World Poets 1994. Madras, India: Sundaresan, 1994
The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets. Elmwood, CT: Potes & Poets Press, 1994.
49 + 1 Nouveaux Poètes Américains. Paris: Royaumont, 1991

Poetry on Broadsides

from Painting No. 26 ("objects arranged as rhythm the line [mechanical] moves toward, man in dream viewed from left side") San Francisco Center for the Book (San Francisco, 2000)
"Nostalgia" Uprising 2 (Buffalo, NY, 1991)
from spaces in the light said to be where one/ comes from: No. 73 ("What begins as the difference between lines in a book and the person") Vita Brevis Press (Oakland, 1991)

Periodicals (Poetry)


from HUMAN / NATURE 2.18 ("orange glow above right-sloping shoulder of still dark ridge"), 2.19 ("12 streaked sparrows pecking up seeds from rectangular table"), 2.20 ("white line of jet's trail slanting across blue-white sky"), 2.21 ("grey whiteness of sky behind plane of still dark eucalyptus"), 2.22 ("half-circle of waning white moon in upper left corner") the new review of literature 1 (Los Angeles, 2003): 151-55.

from HUMAN / NATURE 2.5 ("two red finches pecking up seeds from rectangular table"), 2.6 (" grey light coming into sky above plane of still dark ridge") rife (2003).

from HUMAN / NATURE 2.21 ("grey whiteness of sky behind plane of still dark eucalyptus") -VeRT 8 (2003).

from CLOUD / RIDGE 4.30 ("horizontal line of pink-white cloud in oval-") Shuffle Boil 3 (2003): 31.

from CLOUD / RIDGE 5.6 ("yellow of scotch broom branches above the green") MILLS now (Oakland, 2003): np.

from REAL 1.6 ("Iridescence of purples and pinks in he polished" TINFISH 13 (Kane'ohe, HI, 2003): 34.

from REAL 11.1 ("Shadow of three green rose leaves between circle"), 11.2 ("Interval of silence between cries of invisible"), 11.3 ("Two small birds lifting from corner into blue") Boston Review 28.5 (Boston, 2003): 20.

from REAL 1.2 ("Blue and white checked tablecloth on table"), l1.3 ("Egg-shaped rock at center of table in relation") stolen island review (Orono, ME, 2003): 78-79.

from REAL 1.9 ("Slow motion of the small grey cloud above line"), 1.11 ("Wingspan of an enormous bird turning in right"), 1.13 ("Pattern of yellow rose petals scattered on black") 580 Split 5 (Oakland, 2003): 120-22.

from Portraits & Repetition 12.7 ("visual action of person moving above [content] second person"), 12.9 ("see rotation of diagonal line from upper left to lower right") LIT 7 (New York, 2003): 226-27.


from Portraits & Repetition 9.17 ("horizontal strip of grey-white fog moving below top of ridge"), 9.18 ("chose-up of man's mouth opening [meaning] the sound he makes"), 9.19 ("presence of the invisible vertical plane [solid], atmosphere"), 9.20 ("allusion to color in right corner, blue and/or green feeling"), 9.21 ("yellow-orange globe at mouth of a glass [here] sound passes") SHINY 12 (Denver, 2002): 117-19).

from Portraits & Repetition 11.11 ("angle at which tobacco plant leaves the surface of the event"), 11.12 ("feeling approach of colder air from the outside being action") Five Fingers Review 20 (San Francisco, 2002): 31-32.

from Portraits & Repetition 12.11 ("and/or not moving, horizontal arrangement of negative images"), 12.12 ("body whose absence includes the feeling of space [calculate]"), 12.13 ("water poured against rocks in corner from which steam rises"), 12.14 ("interval between the sounds [it] makes and shape of the bird"), 12.15 ("angle of rock's corner above which the blue of sky beyond it") moira 4.4 (2002).

from Portraits & Repetition, 10.21-10.26 ("perception of sky's purple which hasn't appeared [important]"), 10.22 ("interaction of a bird's sound and its shape passing visually"), 10.23 ("appearance of [concept] across space of room, woman in chair"), 10.24 ("yellow as motion leaves [picture] it, above which grey-white"), 10.25 ("opacity of leaves through which sun's light passes [subject]"), 10.26 ("motion of small grey-white body lifting above sand [concept]") FLUX (2002)

from HUMAN / NATURE 4.20 ("golden-crowned sparrow pecking up seed from table in lower") Bolinas Hearsay News (Bolinas, CA, December 19, 2001): 1.

from Conversation 57 (" thinking of that, the dog who follows meaning to be close to what cannot be expressed as an ending"), 58 ("speakers set to convey the sound the man makes [camera] simultaneously to that, how a series of rocks"). VeRT 6 (2002).

from CLOUD / RIDGE 4.28 ("bright yellow goldfinch rising from pine branch"), 4.29 ("yellow branch of scotch broom against dark green"), 4.30 ("horizontal line of pink white cloud in oval-"), 5.1 ("pink-white rose blossoms hanging across shoulder"), 5.2 ("shaft of sunlight slanting to the left from grey"), 5.3 ("light green slope of ridge next to the dark"), 5.4 ("pink-white buds against green of tobacco plane"), 5.5 ("small grey cloud drifting across pink-white sky"), 5.6 ("yellow of scotch broom branches above the green"), 5.7 ("upturned curve of waning white moon in pale blue"). ARC (2002).

from Portraits & Repetition 11.6 ("two-dimensional grid of colors in relation to its perception"), 11.7 ("spaces before which an arrangement of ascending notes [isn't]"), 11.8 ("space at the edge where horizontal green rectangle (present)"), 11.9 ("duration of light [thought] moving from the top of the ridge"), 11.10 ("color which isn't the feeling inside [action], cells in body"). New American Writing 20 (Chicago, 2002): 59-61.

from Portraits & Repetition 10.25 ("opacity of leaves through which sun's light passes [subject]"), 10.26 ("motion of small grey-white body lifting above sand [concept]"), 10.27 ("series of three descending notes experienced as [sound] first"), 10.28 ("transparency of drop as water falls from leaf's green [thus]"), 10.29 ("yellow coming into a green plane, which as pigment dissolves"). Aufgabe 2 (New York, 2002): 135-39.

from Portraits & Repetition 9.29 ("line between spaces before it and after [this] for instance"), 9.30 ("disappearance of bird in flight curving below edge of window"), 10.1 ("feeling of motion in green plane beyond still closer greens"). 26: A journal of poetry and poetics 1 (San Francisco, 2002): 87-89.

from Portraits & Repetition 7.24 "diagonal line on ridge ascending to the right [one]"), 7.25 ("tobacco plant leaves to the right of the house [calculation]"), 7.26 ("son too much in the sun [physical] in the first scene, blood"), 7.27 ("orange of nasturtium above the light green stem which stands"), 7.28 ("irregular curve of line at the top of the ridge itself [not]). Pink Squid 1 (Oakland, CA, 2002): np.

from Painting 26 ("objects arranged as rhythm the line (mechanical) moves toward, man in dream viewed from left side"), 27 ("two birds in the tree from above [sound] formed as the possibility of negation, what isn't present"), 28 ("brick turned on its side in the grass, where the mower passes in front of the man facing [picture)])," 29 ("image of glass on the wall between doors, which is outside the stream of thought [being] present"), 30 ("ochre in relation to light, the closer he gets to the object seen the less its parts appear focused") syllogism 5 (Berkeley, 2002): 127-131.


from REAL 1.8 ("Three small white birds circling against plane"), 1.9 ("Slow motion of the small grey cloud above line"). VeRT 5 (2001).

from CLOUD / RIDGE 12.13 ("film of white clouds tilting across pale blue"). Bolinas Hearsay News (Bolinas, CA, December 19, 2001): 5.

from REAL 212 ("Profile of bright red edge of passion flower"), 2.2 ("High thin white clouds stretched across vertical"). 100 Days 1 (Cambridge, England, 2001): 153.

from Idea's Mirror "moving closer, as if missing her," "where the image, which one wants," "parked in the driveway, the green car," "whose appearance, when the child walks in." 6ix 7-8 (Philadelphia, PA, 2001): 101-03.

from REAL 11.17 ("two small circles of light at apex of triangular"). WALRUS (Oakland, 2001): 97.

from REAL 1.20 ("Grey white film of clouds between the vertical"). Bolinas Hearsay News (Bolinas, CA, January 24, 2001): 4.

from REAL 12.31 ("Sound of invisible green parrot screeching next"). Bolinas Hearsay News (Bolinas, CA, January 1, 2001): 5.

from REAL 1.8 ("Three small white birds circling against plane"), .1.11 ("Wingspan of an enormous bird turning in right"). VeRT 3 (2001).

from REAL 1.14 ("Left-facing curve of the waning moon in blue sky"), 1.15 ("Pink orange glow in two circular holes below top"), 1.16 ("Reflection in the window of sunlight in space"). untitled: a magazine of prose poetry 2 (Santa Cruz, CA, 2001): 129-31.

from Rocks "visibility," "as the poem starts," "lines of white where blue," "beside the road, dirt," "as if there wasn't," "meaning how to sleep," "like someone else's," "still, meaning to stand," "everybody's spring-," "Denmark's a prison," "ground being greener," "thinking of what meaning," "whatever the word," "as if such descent." SCORE 16 (Moscow, ID, 2001): 44-45.

from Painting 66 ("reverse view from above understood as conscious thought of what it means when the man calls at night"), 67 ("vibration of color refracted against the real [instinct] phenomena of seeing, before which meaning"), 68 ("'reflective' geometry of light against the vertical planes of buildings seen from above [calculation]"), 69 ("arrangement in the foreground of lighter and darker places not somewhere, intensity of visual effect"). BOMBAY GIN 27 (Boulder, CO, 2001): 176-78.

from Painting 21 ("condensation on the inside window through which sunlight [porous] passes on its way from cloudless"), 22 ("girl swinging on swing [dream] in nightgown, men at work in the streets below garden whose bricks"), 23 ("[kitchen] she is cooking or otherwise engaged, man running in from across the yard repeated as image"), 24 ("angle of the sun at noon above a well [geometry] designed to calculate the earth's circumference"). Kenning 10 (Buffalo, NY, 2001): 34-37.

from Painting 6 ("said of sound, the man returning to the green of grass coming up, small orange flowers in a clump"). Tinfish. 10 (Honolulu, HI, 2001): 42.

from Portraits & Repetition 9.12 ("sound of owl itself [position] hooing from tree in the dark"), 9.13 ("bright yellow edge of the building to the left of sky's blue"), 9.14 ("drop of water about to fall from tip of leaf's [spontaneous]"), 9.15 ("angle of person's left arm slanted toward reflection of face"), 9.16 ("not green but the atmosphere between leaves and the observer"). VeRT 5 (2001).

from Portraits & Repetition 9.8 ("surface of landscape from the hill [describe] in front of it"), 9.9 ("something like wind [present] but not, which is how it looks"), 9.10 ("first light behind the corner casting image of tree's branch"), 9.11 ("vertical edge of window against which light [describe] hits"). PAVEMENT SAW. 6 (Columbus, OH, 2001): np.

from Portraits & Repetition 8.13 ("woman leaning forward in light in front of visual cue, map's"), 8.14 ("primrose petals turning to where light might appear [that's]"). LUNGFULL! 10 (New York, 2001): 92-95.

from Portraits & Repetition 7.19 ("place where point [p] intersects the line between the inside"), 7.20 ("half the shape of a bird's body [logic] which leaves pattern"), 7.21 ("bird's sudden sound from beyond the random shape of branches"), 7.22 ("planes of sound behind sound as the note fades, figure [and]"), 7.23 ("window half-way closed, opposed to the two-dimensional image"). First Intensity 16 (Lawrence, KS, 2001): 41-45.

from Portraits & Repetition 7.9 ("how [it] takes place in the space between leaves and the air"), 7.10 ("placement of leg in curve of other's person's [that] isn't it"), 7.11 ("horizontal band across bottom of thought that [is] abstract"). Phoebe 30.1 (Fairfax, VA, 2001): 11-13.


from Portraits & Repetition 341 ("thought in which motion of the horizontal plane stops [one]"). [Empty Set] (Boulder, CO, 2000): np.

from Portraits & Repetition 5.30 ("blue plane of water in motion below line of horizon, [angle]"), 5.31 ("profile of cypress branch [abstracted] extended horizontally"), 6.1 ("flatness of light in relation to line betwen opaque [order]"), 6.2 ("hummingbird stopping a moment at top edge of middle vertical"), 6.3 ("hollow in clouds where the light appears to be moving, [one]"). http://www. (2000).

from Portraits & Repetition 6.9 ("sound of missing woman's voice left as the subject [defined]"), 6.12 (crow on bare branch scolding its made, red of tallest (that]"), 6.13 ("curve of brown guitar in contrast to porcelain wall, feeling"). Skanky Possum 4 (Austin, TX, 2000): 14-16.

from Portraits & Repetition 6.4 ("irregular edge of the cloud above the top of the ridge light"), 6.5 ("rose-pink sounding between the dark of clouds parting, whole"), 6.6 ("sound in the first place outside room, space defined [model]"). American Letters & Commentary 12 (New York, 2000): 11-13.

from Portraits & Repetition 6.24 ("angle [reverse] of yellow stretched to edge of page in book"), 6.25 ("act of looking which becomes a dramatic event, [head] turned"), 6.26 ("how all four globes fill the space around them, makes yellow"), 6.27 ("[particular] grey where the fainter planet fades between two"), 6.28 ("so [here], how yellow in the background and a different tone"). Syllogism 3 (Berkeley, 2000): 103-07.

from Idea's Mirror 41 ("walking into a room, grey sky"), 42 ("whose idea, instead of thinking"), 43 (" continued, two faces watching"), 44 ("gate as it closes, the person without shoes"), 45 ("[N] placed in the air, whose sound"). the end review 2 (Brookfield, CT, 2000): 3-6.

from REAL 8.21 ("Silver of sun's disk disappearing into grey"). Bolinas Hearsay News (Bolinas, CA, October 4, 2000): 4.


translation from the Russian of Viktor Korkiya, "Stuffed to the throat with my own song." Five Fingers Review 18 (Berkeley, 1999): 191-92.

from Idea's Mirror 1 ("light in the window, eyes"), 2 ("what sounds like, blue sky"), 3 ("meaning certain, that one"), 4 ("plays a piano, whose"). Five Fingers Review 18 (Berkeley, 1999): 166-171.

from Idea's Mirror 102 ("echoes itself, bird in window"), 103 ("vase on table, sound stops"), 104 ("hearing in itself, not that one"). Outlet (4-5) Weathermap (Berkeley,1999): 52-53.

from Idea's Mirror 116 ("plays again, fast forward"), 117 ("fog comes in again, or is"), 118 ("or over him, blue quilt"), 119 ("before coffee, telephone call"), 120 ("which idea, mirrored"), 121 ("starts again, the same person"), 122 ("man in the other room, lower garden"), 123 ("clouds moving in, image"), 124 ("through window, description"), 125 ("red above horizon, section"), 126 ("which the other wants, car"), 127 ("cloud descending, ridge"), 128 ("even after music, which sound"), 129 ("motion of branch outside, sky), 130 ("understood, as thinking"). Syllogism 2 (Berkeley, 1999): 101-115.

from MallarmÄ: poem in prose 97 ("an idea floating away, one calls"), 98 ("to eat, a survival some stressed"), 99 ("piano, the torn light as it was"), 100 ("in case of words a sentence"). Talisman 20 (Jersey City, NJ, 1999): 22-23.

from Idea's Mirror 76 ("window closing, reflection of rose"), 77 ("whose appearance, comet meaning hair"), 78 ("as the subject returns, telephone"), 79("lines, the facing page"), 80 ("filmed, how the person"), 81 ("seeing it, the picture itself"), 82 ("rain falling, whose sound leaves"), 83 ("white-washed bedroom walls, a room by the sea"), 84 ("returning to the phone, the room"), 85 ("man in the background, approaching"). New American Writing 17 (1999): 17-26.

from Idea's Mirror 16 ("anything [green] on its side, someone"), 17 ("that a person, whose voice"), 18 ("world in letters, leg on top of another"), 19 ("two birds in a tree, sound of three"), 20 ("inside of thinking, what is now"). First Intensity 12 (1999): 86-90..

from Idea's Mirror 71 ("slept beside you, which one doesn't want"), 72 ("feeling, as the body"), 73 ("of photographs, instead of driving"), 74 ("like the cover of a book, inside"). TORQUE 6 (1999): 28-31.

from Sculpture 7. ("The periphery into which each object becomes a movement of dust, how it settles"), 8. ("How the foot attached to the leg one sees through lace is lifted, its presence"), 9. ("Being in the place where people are sitting on a rock, facing west"). Big Allis 7 (1999): 53-55.

from Portraits & Repetition 1.31 ("listening to thing [at] exact instance of occurrence, object"). local howler. (1999).

from Portraits & Repetition 10.21 ("pereption of sky's purple which hasn't appeared [important]"), 10.22 ("interaction of a bird's sound and its shape passing visually"), 10.23 ("appearance of [concept] across space of room, woman in chair"), 10.24 ("yellow as motion leaves [picture] it, above which grey-white"), 10.25 ("opacity of leaves through which sun's light passes [subject]"), 10.26 ("motion of small grye-white body lifting above sand [concept]") flux (1999).

from Portraits & Repetition 9.7 ("blue-white disk framed below branches in the west ['green']"), 9.8 ("surface of landscape from the hill (describe) in front of it"), 9.10 ("something like wind [present] but not, which is how it looks"), 9.10 ("first light behind the corner casting image of trees' branch"), 9.11 ("vertical edge of window against which light [describe] hits,"), 9.12 ("sound of owl itself [position] hooing from tree in the dark"), 9.13 ("bright yellow edge of the building to the left of sky's blue"), 9.14 ("drop of water about to fall from tip of lear's [spontaneous]"), 9.15 ("angle of person's left arm slanted toward reflection of face"), 9.16 ("not green but the atmosphere between leaves and the observer") Duration (1999).

from Portraits & Repetition 2.8 ("green of tobacco plant leaves coming out on a branch [angle]"). Collected for 580 Split. (1999): np.

from Portraits & Repetition 12.2 ("interval between the bird's sound and what the observer sees"). Walrus (1999): 105.


from Portraits & Repetitio. 4.29 ("swell period 15 to 17 seconds [calculation], particular view") non (1998).

from Portraits & Repetition 2.12 ("waking to moonlight through the upstairs window, the picture"), 2.27 ("gap between the physical word and the object in relationship") Windhover (1998).

from Portraits & Repetition 4.28 ("tadpoles at the opaque green surface of water in glass [and]"). Combustable Void 2 (1998): 28.

from Signature Q ("the sense of it being (unlikely) to be seen by others in such a place, that"), O ("one who is thinking of calling on the phone the other wakes, turns the tape"), M ("where one in the car is driving, as if to say how the music changes"), L ("one who is thinking of driving (fast) the way the car goes forward, light"). First Intensity 10 (1998): 82-85.

from Conversation 1 ("how the voice is going forward in such a measure, conversation in whose scope the man is standing"), 2 ("the person in the blue shirt meaning one who thinks, being productive in the sense that one can read"), 3 ("a geometry of lines defined by the tangent of water and sand upon which shells have a limited life"), 4 ("walking across a lawn (green) how one will be struck by peripheral vision, as if voices on stage"), 5("to get beyond what one wants, a road whose curves extend the perception of what may be thought"), 6 ("that room in fluorescent light after the voice stops, how the person at the other end of the line"), 7 ("how if the sprinklers don't come on the grass (lawn) will turn color, meaning the robin who startles"), 8 ("to think of how that person enters the room already occupied by others who have driven the same roads"), 9 ("how to be continued is missing the person to whom it may be addressed, not having spoken in one sense"). Lingo 8 (1998): 137-38.

from Conversation 33 ("all night without waking, the one who has taken her seat in the blue chair looking up at the person"), 34 ("the one at the window looking out of the photograph too far away to be seen, buoyed up on a curtain"), 35 ("picking up the phone in that tone of voice, having been interrrupted by what she doesn't say directly"). Columbia Poetry Review 11 (1998): 22-24.

from Conversation 62 ("the view from an upstairs window, who dogs will be seen first where the animal was (disappeared"). Walrus (1998): 40.

from Idea's Mirror 11 ("postcards on a table, not that one"), 12 ("like a door on its hinges, which opens"). American Letters and Commentary 10 (1998): 149-50.

from Idea's Mirror 26 ("one, in which the syllable"), 27 ("in telephone space, two green candles"), 28 ("where the left leg, placed to cover"), 29 ("surrender, the person in the doorway"), 30 ("walking toward the phone, where someone") Layers Magazine 1.1 (CD) (1998).

from Idea's Mirror 51 ("where the window, out which pages blow"), 52 ("dives under the wave, which approaches"). Mike & Dale's Younger Poets 8 (1998): 77-78.

from Idea's Mirror 53 ( "person at window, whose appearance."), 54 ("birds another place, which sound"), 55 (" broken off, the dream as it fades"). Melodeon 2, (1998): 9-11.

from Idea's Mirror 66 ("not that she said, the person on the phone"), 67 ("what wasn't taking place, paint on wall"), 68 ("meaning that, the man who sees"), 69 ("two figures stopping (angle), first"), 70 ("wind on water, cloud leaving"). Inscape 2 (1998): np.


from Geography ("Got k/ Early.") Crayon. Premier Issue (Festschrift for Jackson Mac Low's 75th Birthday) (1997): 145-46.

from Sculpture 59 ("The shape of a bird on rocks exposed when the water goes out at low tide (minus)") and 60 ("Having turned to go back before one had wanted, the body in that sense pressured") Southern Review 30.1 (1997): 48-49.

from Conversation 11 ("limited by waking to sunlight in a white room, indirect in the sense that low clouds (fog) filter"), 12 ("as if the object appears in a dream in place of its location, the original feeling the body (head)"), 13 ("how after rain the season in other words changes, driving in a car along the coast after having left"),14 ("how that is to say birds will be scolding, the one putting lotion on her legs meaning they are dry") and 15 ("how the one driving away will be made to feel that way, having slept when the back goes into knots"). First Intensity 8.4 (1997): 198-202.

from Conversation 16 ("walking away from the car whose windows are washed, the man who writes the message meaning to talk"), 17 ("the man in a car whose window (open) appears to let his smoke evaporate, now orange signs at the side"), 18 ("so blue the sky behind leaves (falling) appears to be melting, the person who walks across the field"), 19 ("meaning this one, the line at the top analogous in the position to the ice pack (wrapped) placed") and 20 ("intervention being a form of swallowing the pill whose effect will be felt for hours, say that one"). Proliferation 4 (1997): 68-70.

from Conversation 41 ("at the bottom of the hill the place one things was home, meaning the other person turns on the light") and 49 ("or sound of mariachis on the tape that doesn't stop, the man asking for someone to walk to the store"). Rhizome 1 (1997): 63-65.

from Conversation 51 ("in a line about building that isn't a film or book in another language but the same thing in a place"), 52 ("represented as a feeling (alarm) walking down a road in the dark where people stand without speaking"), 53 ("assuming it wasn't a story, say that the man who was walking now lay dead in a ditch across the road"), 54 ("under a tile roof, the view from the table including those who are about to enter the water minus"), 55 ("set of options, returning to find one person asleep in the other person's bed (intentional) meaning"). New American Writing 15 (1997): 102-06.

from Conversation 62 ("after thinking it, the man (speaking) who finds himself on a dark street about to be given photographs"), 63 ("the view from an upstairs window, how dogs will be seen first where the animal was (disappeared)"), 64 ("in the work about form, content no longer being what takes place betgween the person driving (north)") and 65 ("aside from the painting on the wall, whose subject (orange) isn't analogous to the color or shape"). Mirage #4/Period(ical) 66 (1997): np.

from Conversation 71 ("above the house, the ridge across which wind is clocked at 128 miles an hour (reported) the day 'you'"), 72 ("from 'you,' being in that case in a foreign country (I) whose language includes words for cloth, music"), 73 ("the way the sky (cloud) clears as the land heats up, the water turns blue reflecting the form (dome)"), 74 ("two days prior to this, how many different people walking without shoes over fields of lava (cooled)"), 75 ("including wind, which the man with a telephoto lens at the edge of water (coral) says will come"). Situation 14 (1997): np.

from Conversation 76 ("or direction of the swell when it comes up, how the first clouds to catch the sun's light on another"), 77 ("why one is there (island) overlooking the sea, into which the sun appears to flash (green) setting"), 78 ("no further away than the bird outside the window, after scratching at something on the roof (sound)"), 79 ("facing west (Friday) in another climate, a chair the wind has blown into the canyon below the house") and 80 ("in which one reads a line listening and talking at the same time, the person who wakes up like that"). w/edge 3 (1997): 53-58.

from Conversation 91 ("nostalgia for what is past, examples of which are represented by the person who was missing (physics)"). Antoeonym 12 (1997): 27.

from Conversation 94 ("waking up from the dream about making a movie, a line-up of people who will play the victims (chained)"), 95 ("where the woman is looking across at him, her elbow (left) cropped by the edge of the picture subject") and 96 ("the way the dream fades when the person wakes, 'you' in a chair (outside) co-ordinate with its subject"). Angle 2 (1997): 32-34.

from Idea's Mirror "what she feels, seeing that person"). Walrus (1997): 85.


From Sculpture 11 ("The one who is lifting a hand to fit the strap below her shirt, as fashion"), 12 ("The woman in the chair in the middle of the room, seated at the table"), 13 ("The person who is walking away in time, toward the next or following day"), 14 ("Happening into the area marked as an enclosure"). First Intensity 6 (1996): 154-55.

from Sculpture 19 ("Waking up being able not to remember the direction one is walking, the bridge that may be said to sag"), 20 ("Again driving to the garden [roses] in a car one thinks to park for hours, walking in concentric circles").Columbia Poetry Review 9 (1996): 47-48.

from Sculpture 15 ("The same person therefore speaking in another room, waking up to the sound of dogs"). Tinfish 2 (1996): 29.

from Sculpture 14 ("To be in places (outside) air is colder, as if to register clouds"), 15 ("The day after the day after someone not on the phone, that someone could be objective"). American Letters & Commentary 8 (1996): 84-85

from Sculpture 22 ("The man under the hat whose music can be made to sound like that, speaking of blues"), 23 ("The architect who inscribes himself in three dimensions meaning to make the house"), 24 ("Crossing the sidewalk over water, the lines between buildings meaning to be questions"). JUXTA 4 (1996): np.

from SOUND/ (system) "Coherence," "Accident." JUXTA 4 (1996): np.

from SOUND/ (system) "Meaning," "Context," "M." Ribot 4 (1996):76-78.

from Signature "N," "P," "Q," "R," "S" RE*MAP 5 (1996): 3-7.

from "composition (two)" (with NoĹl Fortier) 19 ("the postcard on the table [movie]"), 20 "walking out the back door as if into a wall of sound (birds)"). Walrus. (1996): 60-61.


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Poetry Readings

Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, 6.21.03
Basement Reading Series, San Francisco, 6.19.03
3030 ("Discrete Series"), Chicago, 5.9.03
Venue 9, San Francisco, 5.2.03
Cafe Melroy, San Francisco, 5.1.03
29 Grand Street, Oakland, 3.16.03
Diesel Books, Oakland, 3.9.03
New College, San Francisco, 3.6.03
Mills College Art Museum, 3.5.03
Green Integer Bookstore, Los Angeles, 2.22.02
Mills College, "Works in Progress Series," 2.4.03
Point Reyes Bookstore, Point Reyes Station, 11.23.02
City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, 11.19.02
Stevens Institute of Technology "Bienniel Conference for
Contemporary Literary Translation, Hoboken, NJ 11.2.02
Salon Salon, Oakland, July.2, 2002
Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, June 10, 2002
Stinson Beach Library, Stinson Beach, June 7, 2002
Barnes & Noble, Berkeley, May 19, 2002
Saint Mary's College, Moraga, April 11, 2002
Double Happiness, New York, March 16, 2002
Mills College, "Works in Progress Series," December 4, 2001
Niebaum-Coppola Cafe, San Francisco, October 16, 2001
Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, March 23, 2001
Zinc Bar, New York, March 22, 2001
Radio Habana Social Club, San Francisco, March 9, 2001
Mills College, "Works in Progress Series," February 6, 2001
Mills College, San Francisco Center for the Book reading for
Poets Pulling Prints, December 9, 2000
Cody's Books, Berkeley, September 16, 2000
Cody's Books, Berkeley, September 16.2000
Naropa University, Boulder, CO, June 22.2000
Diesel Books, Oakland, May 21.00
Mills College, "Works in Progress Series," December 7.1999
Mills College, "Music for People: Thingamajigs," December1.1999
Mills College, Borderbend, November 23.1999
Fort Mason, San Francisco, October 16.1999
Deakin Street Reading Series, Berkeley, June 10, 1999
Faultline Theater, San Diego, May 23, 1999
Mills College, Borderbend, April 21, 1999
Mills College, Reading for 580 Split, April 15, 1999
Mills College, Walrus reading, April 7, 1999
Stevens Institute, Hoboken, NJ, November 13, 1998
Canessa Park, San Francisco, October 18, 1998
Club Balcony, Los Angeles, September 20, 1998
Attic Club, San Francisco, August 1, 1998
Bolinas Gallery, Bolinas, July 23, 1998
New College, San Francisco, June 23, 1998
Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco, November 14, 1998
Cinnebar Theater, Petaluma, November 10, 1997
U.C. Art Museum, Berkeley, June 15, 1997
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, May 17, 1997
Mills College, Walrus Reading, May 6, 1997
Ear Inn, New York, March 8, 1997.
Oliver's Books, San Anselmo, January 30, 1997
Mills College, Faculty Reading, November 18, 1996
Canessa Park, San Francisco, November 17, 1996
Mills College, Writers Harvest, November 14, 1996
Mills College, Alumnae Reading, October 5, 1996
Studio For, Oakland, June 27, 1996
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, June 13, 1996
Word of Mouth, Boston, MA, May 29, 1996
Mills College, AWP Benefit Reading, May 3, 1996
Mills College, Reading for Walrus, May 2, 1996
U.C. Berkeley, Memorial Reading for Larry Eigner, April 10, 1996
Mills College Chapel, April 8, 1996
Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco, March 24, 1996
Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, March 12, 1996
Sun & Moon Bookstore, Los Angeles, March 10, 1996
Intersection, San Francisco, January 16, 1996
New College, San Francisco, November 17, 1995
Diesel Books, Oakland, October 8, 1995
Cody's Books, Berkeley, September 27, 1995
Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco, August 21, 1995
Talk on Small Press Publishing, Mills College, March 14, 1995
Johnny Otis Caberet, Sebastopol, CA, February 6, 1995
Walrus Reading, Mills College, November 8 1994
Writers Harvest, Mills College, November 2, 1994
Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco,June 14, 1994
Steevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, April 8, 1994
Faculty Seminar, Mills College, April 4, 1994
Walrus Reading, Mills College, March 16, 1994
Canessa Park Gallery, San Francisco, March 6, 1994
MFA Reading, Mills College, December 2, 1993
Walrus Reading, Mills College, November 81, 1993
Ear Inn, New York City, October 23, 1993
Cody's Books, Berkeley, September 22, 1993
The Depot, Mill Valley, June 10, 1993
Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, December 12, 1992
Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, December 11, 1992
BCPUD, Bolinas Poetry Project Reading, June 20, 1992
Torsiello Gallery, Oakland, Mills College Reading, April 23, 1992
Bolinas Community Center, November 18, 1991
Intersection, San Francisco, October 22, 1991
The Depot, Mill Valley, CA, August 7, 1991
Central Park, Buffalo, NY, March 18, 1991
Ear Inn, New York, NY March 16, 1991
University of Louisville, Louville, KY, February 23, 1991
Forrest Books, San Francisco, January 23, 1991
University of California at San Diego, November 14, 1990
Mills College, October 30, 1990
Simple Pleasures, San Francisco, October 22, 1990
Marin Poetry Center, Fairfax Library, August 22, 1990
Bolinas PUD, June 9, 1990
Canessa Park, San Francisco, April 22, 1990
Bay Area Writers Workshop, Mills College, August 7, 1989
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, July 21, 1989
Sonoma State University, July 20, 1989
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BCPUD, Bolinas, May 19, 1989
Sweet Life Cafe, Santa Rosa, April 16, 1989
Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, April 2, 1989
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Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, November 13, 1988
Bay Area Writers Workshop, Mills College, August 2, 1988
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Mills College, May 4, 1988
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, April 4, 1988
Bolinas Library, March 23, 1988
Mills College, November 18, 1987
The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, October 15, 1987
Richmond Art Center, October 13, 1987
Larry Blake's, Berkeley, August 17, 1987
Russian River Writers' Guild, Sebastopol, July 20, 1987
Bolinas Library, July 16, 1987
Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, July 9, 1987
Intersection, San Francisco, March 31, 1987
BCPUD, Bolinas, March 28, 1987


"Unbound & Undercovers: Experiments in Visual Writing," Berkeley Art Center, 6.8.03-7.27.03

"Untitled" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA 11.23.02-1.5.03

Idea's Mirror included in exhibition of An American Avant-Garde: Second Wave Ohio State University, Columbus OH, 6.20.02-9.3.02

"Ultramarine Blue," "Delaware Water Gap," "Import/Export," "The Savage" Beach Finds, Stinson Beach Library 5.24.02-8.16.02

"Rocks & Trees" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. November 24, 2001 - January 6, 2002

"Fender Medium" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. November 25, 2000 - January 7, 2001

"Untitled" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. November 27, 1999- January 9, 2000

"Untitled" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. December 1, 1998 - January 14, 1999

"Untitled" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. December 1, 1997 - January 14, 1998

"Untitled" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. December 1, 1996 - January 14, 1997

"Registers / People In All," "Japan" Bolinas Museum, May 10 - July 14, 1996

"Untitled" Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. December 1, 1995 - January 14, 1996

"Collaboration," (Assemblage) Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, September 3 - 26, 1995

"Sculpture: Collages/Assemblages: 1985-1995." Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, June 2 - 26, 1995

"Expand the Image of Light" (Assemblage) Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. November 27, 1992 - January 10, 1993

"Ultramarine Blue" (Assemblage) Miniature Show, Bolinas Museum. November 29, 1991 - January 12, 1992

Bolinas Museum Living Artists Project. Claudia Chapline Gallery. Stinson Beach. August 6 - September 9, 1989

Two Works ("Bain de Soleil," "Bungalos Pacifico") Bolinas Museum. September 2-25, 1988

Collage Series. Richmond Art Center. October 1 - November 17, 1987