Love Poems

Rod Smith

If you inist long enough
that you're right,
you'll be wrong.

—Hebrew proverb



If a lion could speak, we would not understand him.

Listen to the lion. Like
an owl in the
heaped instant
oil-death craft, my love
my driftwood my
Susquehana deckhand
disturbance, so sad, printed
into everything taken.
That enormous bandaged
boundary behind
the open muffling
Is to be filled rain
envisioned, tall
fear rim peopled &
transmuting different
bunk in us "surrounding
a little bird-buddha"
in an ad for an ad for
Listen to the lion. Biological
crank turned by burned
sausage into the vacuum
of affirmation where my
oft inner floated mesquite
self's Ismene suddness
is known spirals sleep and
clear. No roads can show
the middle eye something
other objects shot into
the sky. When giving.
No tactile surface
is stone moist to the
toned raking Paris
you wish. The sun
has several names, like
Sherman, Tazmo, Bonk,
& Harmine-- it's risen
raves retake Atlanta
from nothingÕs lost
laundry room key &
we, clean in those
clothes have regone
there, we've done
a hell of a job.
thank you. We've
done exactly what
was expected of
us. & we
are not dead. 6
tabs re-side baste
& coax ton's opera-knuckle
brisket. Pal 1
is the cloned guy, &
loosely they have
or will have nice
copulated currency, as
if a tusk warranted Suzuki,
as if, portly
a re-stained tore heart's
made timing looked
back in tears over this
strange be.


They say that "home is where the heart is." I think it is where the house is, and the adjacent buildings.
—Emily Dickinson



the rooms are curtailed mist's dyadic need

The fleet
has unreckoning in it, as Fell's Point
snaps the contract with no-mind

as sane, & co-rob pundits

you're like Cezanne
you're afraid of being hooked

June's the desk & the pain, Walden, Love Poems, beasts for slaughter—the gem
at the level of the eye left for NY.
steered nutshell waste places up

gee angel
is the central element
& opts tusk music in this
faulty exhaustion
See also Reciprocity law
paw or paw
the rescue nerve at
the straight chip away solvent

boast of unnoticed
clammer's tense

a shut rain in a nutshell toward.

the inner fire's grate


What you don't know can hurt other people.
—Ted Berrigan

diopsite earpools
gone drinkin'
in the wicked dictionary
in the gentle
farmer's rain
abbreviation'll tinge
fuschnicken's red arrow
of perception
Lisa says
but in a useful way"
poor gummy bear
lost in the nexus
of sin
each wave sends
The lord
as if
through a tube


To become unhinged is to admit, finally, the existence of hinges.
—Kevin Davies

finally, but it's not unfair,
it's mere-
& grows up among
the Norse. Didn't
you tell me
the richochets
are actually more dangerous. Time
has it's art to play in,
but we don't - whaddya think?
I think it's terrible. Molecular codification
@medlib dot matrix out of loss
to the eyebath brains for breakfast-
keep your head quote

unquote - quote
in the secreous noble night
unquote - in the fumbled automatic kin
quote skin unquote again quote But Kevin
can't afford to have a life to write about &
the europeans are all enormously rich
& very ill. It's a stoned
lower-case roman numeral.
To return to our story. The ensemble
of relations before a tribunal
of light. The light will say because
to speech is like use you amputate.
Juliet, who falls asleep
in a cake. Not only because
we are wrong, but
also because we are
deeply unimpressed. Great Spirit
we run along stars ecstasy curling
clad moments hit cold
as it is
is born
heat most ecstatic
frost groin
in the mild sky all hazed with
joggers. I no longer search for
the unified field but am content
(or feature) am in fact aware
of my own nascent jaundice
(hummingbird crab tacks)
ticks in the cogent
folded but mystic waters never glad confident

know me.

no are what cold

no what sayeth

no the fold yes

wave as it is & where
we must "hold the capitalists accountable"
is there a question?

there is a question.

what heals this? else

in the end
satisfying stolen nucleus
it's a stoned lower-case
roman numeral &
it's very ill.
it is not yet beautiful enough for
the class of all classes
which are not members of themselves but

to think

the opposites