from Snips

Rod Smith


now that the entire country's

& our own televisions control our bodily functions

I'd like to say a few words abt


& manifest destiny, yumyum

including pecan rolls, expresses love and admiration
to me as doubt -

            changed       by revolution
or by exteriority's treble daze
the fabled

teasing link
reasons off the clothed precipice a list of anything wet

& cinders which step, patterned, onto the visible nothing stare into supper's lucky scorched Timepiece stains striate thiry-six words there in the imagination's inescapable riot -- (desire's the closure stirring the protix & burying the shade in a racket of hazed upperclass hedgerows.

          relying on peace

   while Hanging the communists upside-down

          in the scrub       the personal referent's winter training

          shot down in the scrub the communists

          savoring the heavy coats

   barriers craft experts

   the everyday

   the rollover

   we're mean

   10:49 PM

    light of surface & light
of morrows, we told it like we should, lit
clock in the hot blue-cotton hoot, nearly
yielding, on the table's plastic
tone, &, being creation, a total
crosswise outsider, loved, the five euphoric
town's natural pretext etiquette the dancing
conscious moon -Of course I want you for your mind/body problem. Of course
I want that assist grip & threshing area. Still me, impervious anticline,
control rod, lingual papillae. nobabynobabynobabynobaby


nobabynobabynobabynobaby i brought some grapes i bought but going a head some some grapes some

grapes clickety

lum grape to grape

to donut the healthy grapes the met needs
of thplanese grape allayed

graping mm

form of profer mm

this is a poultice (deft)
& deft &

fitting together

id of is around beholden

in or of gifts

& gets deft

charmed bits of the subpersonalities

time's lucid & solid letterings

toss want

toss & solder the elite flagpole destruction device

o gelcreme o suffrage o clopworthy styles struck-knit

to our souls herbs help like trolling the inert demands
I am already up at its summons

the transitoriness
the indefinite articule &
goes for
broke it your feet sound like alcohol chipping away. -it's quite possible to look at a painting
w/out seeing the hero standing in front
of it- All
the day
an infant
of the hundred
words go for wool painted bald
the earth the scald the constituted protein I
rent-free lit
magic like a siesta, John Weiners
on publishing ethics But let your fair eyes
& gentle wishes go aroused, agarian, governed
telemarketers holding guns
to sing eight songs to fly around the nouns & nothings
fly around the
spent standing polemic myths to tell us this?
your lips we know
in all things when the army appears even with the
having greasy citizens
even with the trained futile
Kinko's thoracic cavity
this filled strength is peril, this
peril is very nice, lay down in the light
lay down in the rumpled, spoonfed
bestiary of nonesuch wonders (Armies of yellow porcupines in the season of love.) I hope you enjoyed the concrete tank

At least I'm not the Rodney Smith that used to be at Illinois Power

the existential hum cups the readerly minutia in its guppylike beginnings

Where happen my thing?

every delirium contains a jersey jello oracle (w/ no middle)

a cross-stitched sampler of cries for help

I'm happy but boy is there a lot of commotion