by Edwin Torres

             NOW - utilize the potential
of your imagination by
creating a love to make love
to yourself!
             HOW - depends what position
your positions in.
             NOW - dress / look
EXACT! like your partner...
love you / love yourself!
             OW - in mid-stroke-stroking, you
can see what you look like while
enjoying "the act".
             WOW - this offer has been
never before itself!
             NOW - with a little imagination
and a lot of mousse, you too
can explore the gratification
of mirror-fic-actual love!
             NOW - see what a part of you looks like
while getting it
from somewhere else!

             Astral Projection < > Asshole Perception
             Whose is it < > What direction / Looks like <
             > me
/ MINE / It is! / holy COW!!!

             NOW - with fickle-mirror-forcination
urge-ulize the make-love potential
by look you exacting like
yours! (applause)

             "HERE'S OUTTER OFFER..."

Edwin Torres Author Page

Pub. May 2000