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Rosmarie Waldrop

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Rosmarie Waldrop was born in Germany in 1935. At age 10 she spent half a year acting with a traveling theater, but was happy when schools reopened and she could settle for the quieter pleasures of reading and writing which she has since pursued in and out of universities (Ph.D., U of Michigan, 1966), in several countries, but mostly in Providence, RI where she lives with Keith Waldrop (with whom she also co-edits Burning Deck Press).

Her books of poetry include Driven to Abstraction, A Key Into the Language of America,  Split Infinites,  Blindsight, Love Like Pronouns, the trilogy Curves to the Apple (The Reproduction of Profiles, Lawn of Excluded Middle, Reluctant Gravities), and a Selected Poems, Another Language.

Two novels, The Hanky of Pippin’s Daughter and A Form/of Taking/It All have recently been reprinted in one paperback by Northwestern University Press.
She has translated 14 volumes of Edmond Jabès's  work (The Book of Questions, The Book of Resemblances, etc.). Her memoir, Lavish Absence: Recalling and Rereading Edmond Jabès, came out from Wesleyan University Press in 2002.

She has also translated, from the French, Jacques Roubaud and Emmanuel Hocquard; and from the German, Friederike Mayröcker, Elke Erb, Ernst Jandl, Oskar Pastior, Ulf Stolterfoht, and others.

Her work has appeared in anthologies like Postmodern American Poetry (Norton, 1994), From the Other Side of the Century: New American Poetry 1960-90 (Sun & Moon, 1994), Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women(Talisman House, 1998) , Poems for the Millennium, vol. II (University of California Press, 1998), Lyrical Postmodernism: An Anthology of Contemporary Innovative Poetries (Counterpath Press, 2008),American Hybrid: A Norton Anthology of New Poetry (Norton, 2009), and I’ll Drown My Book:Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues, 2012).

Translations of her work have been published in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Serbia and Mexico.

She has received awards or fellowships from the NEA, the Fund for Poetry, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Howard Foundation, the DAAD Berlin Artists’ Program, the Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Writers’ Award, the Pell, and the Rhode Island Governor’s Award. Translations have received the Harold Morton Landon and the Pen Award for Poetry in Translation.The French government has made her a “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.”

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