Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace
Publications and Poetry Activities


Nothing Happened, and Besides I Wasn't There (Washington, DC: Edge Books, 1996): forthcoming.
Sonnets of a Penny-A-Liner (Washington, D.C.: Buck Downs Books, 1996): forthcoming.
Every Day Is Most Of My Time (Norman, OK: Texture Press, 1994)
Complications From Standing In A Circle (Buffalo, NY: Leave Books, 1993)

In Case of Damage To Life, Limb, Or This Elevator (Morris, MN: Standing Stones Press, 1996): forthcoming.
Building From White Buildings (Elmwood, CT: Abacus, May 1996): forthcoming.
The Lawless Man (Los Angeles, CA: Upper Limit Music, 1996)
The Sponge Has Holes (Buffalo, NY: Tailspin Press, 1994)
By These Tokens (Binghamton, NY: Triangle Press, 1990)
Shapes, with Joseph Battaglia and Keith Eckert (Binghamton, NY: Triangle Press, 1990)
The Cold and the Simple, A Blues (Binghamton, NY: Triangle Press, 1989)
Renga By Mail, with Joseph Battaglia and Keith Eckert (Binghamton, NY: Triangle Press, 1989)
Three Rengas, with Joseph Battaglia and Keith Eckert (Binghamton, NY: Triangle Press, 1988)

The Gertrude Stein Awards In Innovative North American Poetry: 1993-94 (Los Angeles, CA: Sun & Moon, 1995)
Writing From the New Coast: Presentation (Stockbridge, MA: Oblek Editions, 1993)
The Lab Book, ed. Jena Osman (Buffalo, NY: Poetics Program, 1992)

Phoebe (Fairfax, VA: George Mason University, Vol. 24, No. 2: Fall 1995), Avec #9 (Penngrove, CA: 1995), B City #10 (DeKalb, IL: 1995), Proliferation #2 (Denver, CO: 1995), Talisman #12 (Hoboken, NJ Winter 1995), B City #9 (DeKalb, IL: 1994), Synaesthetic #2 (New York, NY: 1994), Texture #5 (Norman, OK: 1993), The Washington Review (Washington, D.C., Aug/Sep 1993), Turbulence (Hockessin, DE, 1993), Open Twenty-Four Hours (Washington, D.C., 1993), Lift (Somerset, MA, 1993), Talisman #9 (Hoboken, NJ, Winter 1993), To (Narbeth, PA, 1993), Mirage#4/Period(ical) (San Francisco, CA, November 1992), Dis (IL, 1992), Art Voice (Buffalo, NY, Oct. 6, 1992), Kiosk (Buffalo, NY, 1992, 1991), Uprising (Buffalo, NY, 1992, 1991), Thirdhand (Buffalo, NY, 1992), "90" (Buffalo, NY 1991), Artbeat (Buffalo, NY, June 20, 1990).


You Bring Your Whole Life to the Material (Buffalo, NY: Leave Books, 1992)

"Towards A Free Multiplicity of Form." Witz (Studio City, CA: 1996)
"Emerging Avant Garde Writers and the 'Post-Language Crisis.'" Poetic Briefs #19 (Minneapolis, MN: 1995)
"The Lyric As Experimental Possibility." Witz (Toluca Lake, CA: 1995)
"Directing Poetry?: A Conversation with Jefferson Hansen." Phoebe (George Mason University: 1995)
"Black Hawk's An Autobiography: The Use and Production of an Indian 'Voice'." American Indian Quarterly (Norman, OK: Winter 1995)
"Is This A Mainstream Dialogue?: A Conversation with Jefferson Hansen." Central Park (New York, NY: 1995)
"On the Avant Garde as Open Possibility: A Conversation with Jefferson Hansen." Witz (Toluca Lake, CA: 1994)
"With Romantic Materialism." A Poetics of Criticism, ed. J. Spahr and M. Wallace (Buffalo, NY: Leave Books, 1993)
"Situation and Poetry: A Dialogue With Jefferson Hansen." Writing From the New Coast: Technique (Stockbridge, MA: Oblek Editions, 1993)
"An Interview with Eric Mottram." Poetic Briefs Interview Issue (Buffalo, NY: 1993)

Reviews and Commentary:
Regular contributor to The Washington Review (Washington, D.C.). Authors reviewed include David Bromige, Tom Mandel, Jessica Grim, Juliana Spahr.
Contributing editor to Poetic Briefs (Albany, NY). Authors reviewed include Stephen Jonas, Jorge Guitart, Nick Piombino.
Regular contributor to Taproot Reviews (Lakewood, OH). Authors reviewed include Nathaniel Mackey, Sianne Ngai, Barbara Henning.


Poetry Reading Series Coordinator, Ruthless Grip Art Project, Washington, D.C. (1994-present)
Editor, Situation, A Newsletter of Contemporary Poetry. (1992-present)
Co-Editor, Poetic Briefs, A Newsletter of Contemporary Arts. (1991-present)
Founder and Co-Editor, Leave Books. (1991-94)
Co-Editor, A Poetics of Criticism. (Buffalo, NY: Leave Books, 1993)

1993 Individual Achievement in the Arts Award, Buffalo and Erie Council Arts Council
1995-96 Grants-In-Aid Award, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities