Abacus 107 (Excerpt)

well the no rock sits on a ledge      after you leap upon it

you can rock slowly to and fro      you can also show

yourself one part leg sometimes arm      this shows you

are there      rocking on the no rock will make people

nervous      well the no ledge is there      the no rock

rests      you gotta believe in it or it wont work      it isnt

exactly astral and it isnt exactly imaginative its just that

you can climb upon the rock and sit down      well i guess

that will confuse everybody      well you cant really sit

still      now if the no rock ahem i have a computer see

the sun      dont interrupt      erg      well if you have a

computer how many rocks can you make      five      has

anybody an idea of what its like to climb an astral

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Colophon: "from Abacus 107" © 1997 by Hannah Weiner. File design by Loss Pequeño Glazier. Special thanks to Peter Ganick and Abacus for permission to use this excerpt. This online version presents a replica of the print edition of this work with pre-formatted ocr'd text presented on a a white background (bgcolor="ffffff"). This file is maintained by the Electronic Poetry Center (Buffalo).