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Hannah Weiner: MS/Book Chronology

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Compiled by Charles Bernstein


1966 Magritte Poems (Sacramento: Poetry Newsletter, 1970). 11pp. Nonclairvoyantly written, short poems.

1968 Signal Flag Poems (S.M.S. [Shit Must Stop] #3, 1968)

1968 The Code Poems (Barrytown: Open Studio, 1982). 29pp.

1970 The Fast. 50pp ms. Sections published in Acts #4, United Artists #14, and Blue Smoke #1 (in that order); (New York: United Artists, 1992).

1971 Country Girl. 18pp ms. Descriptive journal about seeing auras.

1972 Pictures and Early Words. app. 69pp. -- untyped. Seeing pictures and early versions of seen words.

1973 The 1973 Journal. app. 200pp ms; short segment in This # 7. Has caps and quoted words for words seen.

1974 Clairvoyant Journal. 180pp ms.
About one-third published in Angel Hair edition, 64 pp. (1978: Lenox, Mass). Other sections in up to two dozen magazines, and in Jounral Entry (Sun June 9), 5 pp. (Providence: Diana's Bimonthly, 1975).
Audiocasette from New Wilderness Audiogrpahics (wth Peggy DeCoursey and Sharon Matlin), c. 1976: on PennSound. (New Wilderness taped the whole Journal and published March and April. )
Videotape by Phill Niblock (1974 silent reading ): New York: Internmedia Foundation, 1985. On PennSound

1976 Little Girl Books. Four small notebooks.

Little Books/Indians

1977-80 Little Books/Indians (New York: Roof Books, 1980). 91pp.

1980 Nijole's House (Needham, Mass.: Potes & Poets Press, 1981). 24pp.


1981 Spoke (College Park, MD: Sun & Moon Press, 1984). 115pp.

1982 Sixteen (Windsor, VT: Awede Press, 1983). 16pp.

1984 Written In/The Zero One (Victoria, Australia: Post Neo, 1985). 21pp.

1986 Weeks (Madison: Xexoxial, 1990). 50pp. Published with audiocasette.

1988 Abazoo. 13pp ms.

1989 Seen Words with It. 20 ms.

1989 The Book of Revelations. 106 shaped pages in notebook.

1989-91 Silent Teachers / Remembered Sequel (Providence: Tender Buttons, 1993)

1990  page  (New York: Roof Books, 2002)

1992 Visions and Silent Musicians (ms.)

1993-4 We Speak Silent (New York: Roof Books, 1997). 66pp.

Hannah Weiner's Open House, edited with an introduction by Patrick Durgin (Kenning Editions, 2007)

New Edition of Clairvoyant Journal, 1974: first to retain format of ms (Bat Editions, France, 2014)



"Sign Language of the American Indian." Assembling 1 (1970)

"Criticism of My Hannah Fool", Margins 21/22 (1975).

"Capitalist Useless Phrases after Endless", The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book, ed. Bruce Andrews & Charles Bernstein (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1984).

"Skies III from This 11 and quote the page", The Difficulties, Ron Silliman issue (1985).

"Mostly about the Sentence", Jimmy and Lucy's House of "K" 7 (1986).

"Excerpts from an Interview with Hannah Weiner" by Charles Bernstein, The Line in Postmodern Poetry, ed. Robert Frank and Henry Sayre (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1988).

"Research important conflict two obedient", Writing 25 (1990).

"Meaning bus Halifax to Queensbury", Patterns/Contexts/Time, ed. Phillip Foss & Charles Bernstein (Sante Fe: Tyuonyi 1990).

"If Workshop", Poetry Project Newsletter, February-March 1990.

"Dear Andrew letter peyote, `Dark Ages Clasp the Daisy Root'.

"Two Works", Writing 27 (1992)

"Ubliminal" [part 1], Chain 2 (1995)

"Ubliminal", [part 2], big allis #7(1996)

"Plus Title", Central Park #19/20 (1991)

"Blank Verse: A Decidedly Highpoint in the History of English Prosody"

"Awareness and Communication," Kiosk No. 2 (2003)


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"Blank Verse: A Decidedly High Point in the History of English Prosody": offprint exists w/o source information

Paul Green, review of several books - published in UK 1990s

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Note: Compiled by Charles Bernstein, 1989, updated, 1996 CB, and May 2002 / March 2003 & 2007 by Patrick F. Durgin

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