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EPC Copyright Notice

The EPC is © copyright Loss Pequeño Glazier and Charles Bernstein.

All rights revert to individual author(s) upon publication. Text, graphics, and sound distributed by the Electronic Poetry Center (Buffalo) including LINEbreak, RIF/T, and other co-publications may not be republished for profit in any form without express consent of author(s) and notification of the EPC Director. Nonprofit use of EPC materials and circulation of materials among individuals for educational or personal use is permitted provided the criteria below are met.

Conditions for Use of EPC Materials.

1. Notification is sent to the EPC Director at the "Send A Comment" address below with the subject line "Request for Permission", and;

2. The following copyright statement is included:

[Title of work] © [Author's name]. Distributed by
The Electronic Poetry Center (
Copyright is held for the creators of all works herein whether or not authorship is named.

These files may not be reproduced nor distributed via any other server without permission in writing.

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