Crossing [Digital] Boundaries
A Digital Media Symposium
April 19 – April 20, 2002
State University of New York, Buffalo


Simon Biggs, Jim Rosenberg, Alex Galloway,
& A Performance by Fakeshop

Co-presented by the Center for Literary Computing,
West Virginia University & the Electronic Poetry Center,
Dept. of Media Study/Poetics Program SUNY Buffalo

Fri. April 19, 8 pm, Hallwalls
Sat. April 20, 9 am-6 pm & 8 pm, 120 Clemens, UB Amherst campus

Symposium Preview Event
Simon Biggs
Co-sponsored by the Dept. of English, the Dept. of Art,
the College of Arts & Sciences, &
Weds. April 17, 12:30 PM, 110 Baldy, UB Amherst campus
Talk: "Encodings"

Crossing [Digital] Boundaries
Digital Media Symposium
Co-sponsored by the Dept. of English, the Dept. of Art,
the College of Arts & Sciences, &

Fri. April 19, 8 pm, Hallwalls, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo
Simon Biggs Presentation
Australian-born digital multimedia/text artist Simon Biggs has had installations and performances world-wide. A pioneer in multimedia digital installations, Biggs's work has defined a new level of engagement between image, text, and programming. He has published numerous essays on media art and has recently launched his acclaimed Babel project. Biggs lives in Sheffield, England.

Sat. April 20, 10 am-1 pm, 120 Clemens, UB Amherst campus
"Varieties of Hypertext", A Tutorial with Jim Rosenberg
Jim Rosenberg has been working in non-linear poetic forms in one medium or another since 1966. His best-known work is Intergrams, published by Eastgate Systems. His interactive work includes dense overlays of words and intense structuring, typically by means of an external syntax. The preoccupying vision: taking hypertext into the fine structure of language.

Sat. April 20, 2 pm-6 pm, 120 Clemens, UB Amherst campus
Crossing [Digital] Boundaries Forum
In "Forum", a group of leading digital artists/thinkers will address the current state of digital media poetics, including the topics of the digital archive and the role of programming in the digital arts. Event will consist of a series of presentations of digital projects followed by practioner-to-practitioner discussions. Events will include:

  • Josephine Anstey, "Virtual Tales: Building VR Art Projects"
  • Sandy Baldwin, "LookingGlass" (Lewis Carroll)
  • Loss Pequeño Glazier, "The Clinamen" (Digital Poetics)
  • Laleh Mehran, "subRosa" (Cyberfeminist Art, Activism, & Politics)
  • Marc Bohlen (Robotics)
  • Dan Tripp, "Red Planet" (Mars Project DVD)

Virtual Reality Project Demos
Sign up for the virtual reality project demos starting at 2 PM at the Crossing [Digital] Boundaries Forum. Note: Attendees must sign up in advance for VR demos.

Sat. April 20, 8 pm, 120 Clemens, UB Amherst campus
Networked Media Art Performances
Special event of key performed works of networked and digital media arts including a presentation by Alex Galloway (Rhizome) and an interactive remote performance by Fakeshop.

  • Alexander R. Galloway, "How I Made My Own Carnivore". After recent terrorist attacks, data surveillance has become a daily reality for many Americans. From Hotmail to the office cubicle, many companies have followed the government's lead and installed special civilian surveillance software known as spyware. My paper targets the most notorious civilian surveillance tool, a data collection system created by the FBI and nicknamed "Carnivore." I discuss the process of reverse-engineering the FBI's secretive tool, and releasing it as an open source art project available for free download over the internet.
  • Fakeshop, "Voices Up". Operating at the meeting-point of media environments and cultural symbols, the Fakeshop collective re-purposes network technologies as means of performance and critique. Voices Of is a project pitting the interactivity of live networking against official broadcasts of all kind, seeking a point where "voice" modulates between propaganda and chat.

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Crossing [Digital] Boundaries is presented in collaboration with the Digital | Media | Poetics series, State University of New York at Buffalo. Digital | Media | Poetics is a collaboration between the Poetics Program & the Department of Media Study, College of Arts & Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo. The series is sponsored, in part, by the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences at West Virginia University; the James H. McNulty Chair, Department of English (Dennis Tedlock); the Samuel P. Capen Chair of Poetry and the Humanities (Robert Creeley); the David Gray Chair of Poetry and Letters, Department of English (Charles Bernstein); the Butler Chair, Department of English; the Melodia E. Jones Chair in French, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (Gerard Bucher); and the Electronic Poetry Center, College of Arts & Sciences. Special acknowledgement for support from the Lectures Funds and the Canadian-American Studies Committee, Office of the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences. Special acknowledgement to Joseph Conte, Carole Ann Fabian, Maureen Jameson, Martha Malamud, Roy Roussel, Paul Vanouse, and participants named in the calendar for help with specific events this semester. The series is produced with the cooperation of the Center for the Arts and Talking Leaves Books. Series coordinator and web design: Loss Pequeño Glazier.