derek beaulieu

derek beaulieu is the founder and publisher of housepress ( a Canadian small press dedicated to experimental and unusual poetry in handcrafted editions. Through housepress, he edited "COURIER: an anthology of concrete and visual poetry" (1999) - the first major collection of visual poetry published in Canada since 1970. From 1997 to 2000 he was Managing Editor at _filling Station_ magazine (, and is currently editor of _endNOTE_, a magazine dedicated to poetic works in progress and poetic statement, and is on the Board of Directors for Calgary's _dANDelion_ magazine. With Neil Hennessy he forms the Trans-Canada Research Team (TCRT), a group dedicated to "pataphysical exploration of language. His work has recently appeared online though _[sic] magazine_ ( and _PHU Online_ ( and in print magazines Rampike, Queen Street Quarterly and Open Letter. He is currently working on a poetry manuscript engaging visual poetry and poetics and text and concrete forms.