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E-Poetry [ 2011 ] :
International Digital Language | Media | Arts Festival


May 18-21, 2011
University at Buffalo

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[ E-Poetry ] is the longest-running and perhaps the definitive digital literature festival in the world. With its emphasis on arts, performance, critical arts, innovation, and scholarly and artistic conversation, and with previous events in West Virginia, London, Paris, and Barcelona, it has defined international digital literature practice in its epoch.

The tenth anniversary festival of E-Poetry 2011 is set to launch a new epoch in digital literature.
E-Poetry, at its inception, may have been first to map this field. E-Poetry has been here since the beginning and has set out to organize this festival as a culmination of the first ten years and as a model for future years – advancing the conversation of the digital into the engaged scene of creative and scholarly activity that the field promises.

With its sponsoring organization, the Electronic Poetry Center (http://writing.upenn.edu/epc), often recognized as the world's first and still preeminent single digital poetry resource, E-Poetry will define the arts in a more historical and as emerging practice in a interdisciplinary, aesthetically complex, and materially delightful manner never before seen. We invite you to be there.

The Festival will take place from Weds. May, 18th to Saturday May 21st, 2011, with special pre-conference events on Tues, May 17 and Weds. May 18th during the day and evenings. Please come for as long as you can. The cost of visiting Buffalo is quite reasonable. We will be glad to help with suggestions for your travel and accommodation. E-Poetry is meant to provide a prolonged immersion into the workings and practices of digital poets, scholars, and artists and is a location, fervent with the great powers of the Niagara rushing through the tranquil, flat, maple forested countryside of Western New York, where we can come together, apart from the hustle of a devouring city – but within the context of New York State's largest university and, as a direct descendent of Black Mountain College, Language Poetry, and Buffalo Poetics, one of the prime leaders in the U.S. in the innovative digital, visual, sound, and language arts.

Information is available via the EPC (http://writing.upenn.edu/epc/e-poetry/2011/), where you will always find the latest information on E-Poetry 2011.

We look forward to seeing you at E-Poetry 2011!

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