Brink slowly mutates into something approaching a new issue...

The EPC run a collaborative poem. Because I like this idea, I thought of starting a Brink 'Mutating Text': a collaborative Hyperpoem. However,a little thought reminded me that the original Hypertext idea (on which Hyperpoetry is based) included the option for adding to the text. So I have to decided to make my Editor's Contribution into a full Hyperpoem, by giving readers the option to alter it in any way they see fit. You can add links, delete links, add to subpoems, remove from subpoems. Basically you can do what you like to any part of the text, or add what you like to the Web of Hypertext. So I would like people to indicate any hyper-structures that they would like me to implement within their contribution: what words in the preceding collaborative text do they want their contribution to be linked to? Or do you just want you contribution to be tagged linearly on? Another possibilty is for you to store your contribution on your own Server, and give me the URL, telling me what part of the central text you want it anchored to.

One thing I require of all contributors however is patience, as it may be a number of days before their mutation of the Hyperpoem appears...

Before I go, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the EPC, and especially the tireless Loss Glazier, for all their support with getting Brink, and keeping Brink, on-line.

(Incidentally, please note that Brink is published as a small number of files. Try to stick to using Connects/Anchors for flicking through it; and only use the scroll-bar and arrows if the format definitely requires it - otherwise you may get lost in biogs and whitespace!)
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The Brink Top Ten E-zines

  1. The Seven By Nine Squares
  2. RIF/T
  3. Descriptions of an Imaginary Univercity
  4. Passages
  5. Inter/face
  6. RealPoetik
  7. Juxta/Electronic
  8. Witz
  9. Experioddicist
  10. We


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Editor's Contribution

For those of you who get annoyed by editors putting their poetry in their own magazines, I have put my stuff away in a seperate section to the rest so that it is easy to avoid.