from Days
by Hank Lazer


4/8/95      beckoned then        	        

	    sax & voices heart

      	    yearning mad jazz

	    medieval chorale

            hurtling hurting

            aching toward 

	    aging toward mirror mirror

            who's the fearful

	    not me not you

            renew renew


6/12/95	   have gone so

           close consecutive this

	   the immanence

           "yes, your eminence"

	   from a child's

           eyes   immense

	   the forecast

           dancing irridescence

           whatever the cadence

	   the music pleasant


7/2/95	    some words

	    perhaps these

	    have it

	    grafted to

	    the adequate

	    a cadence

	    occasion a

            dance pairings

            from among

            selected elements

Pub. May 1998