We Do Not Want to Repeat the Experience of the French
by Tom Weller

Selecting ethical committees to notify Turkish

presidents that producing defense materials to protect

Indians only enrages senators' coats is always tricky

business. After all, water & power are toxic

substances that demand stringent oversight if one

expects to resume hearing houses of worship throughout

the nation celebrate Washington's bicentennial

inauguration. Selecting aged, hungry committees to reform

physicians' payments to natural gas fisheries is a much more

straightforward affair. Metzenbaum is always willing to amend

his previous amendments to insure transgenic, reformed

animals will not run amuck in Cambodian prisons while Stan

re-refers Soviet emigres to Parisian authorities for processing.

Contributors to wilderness systems tend to agree that Wyoming is wildly

mistaken in thinking that unanimously planting alternative farm

crops in commemoration of old route 66 will temporarily

pardon handicapped children for trespassing on senators' time.

Indexing feasible economic freedom in Southern

Mississippi, where until only recently congratulating his

holiness the Dalai Lama was a high crime rather than a misdemeanor,

will require granting an increased pension to Edmund W. Eakin

along with several bachelor farmers wallowing in such destitute

circumstances that they can no longer lay down at any

time. Authorizing committees to redefine extortion as the mailing of

unsolicited, sexually oriented material that attempts to control

certain sources of sulfur dioxide is an elementary matter,

requiring only that certain European government clarify standards

governing incentive grants for excellence in the field of packing

fully grown leaf tobacco.

Pub. May 1998