Helpful Hints
by Tom Weller

Being a revolutionary is not a fault

        	                        . . . it's a glory.

I want every guerrilla, disenfranchised proletariat member &
						       militia man to know

I think we have the greatest job in the world.

I'd like all of you sons of liberty, freedom fighters, so-called,
	                          white liberals & angry bachelor gals to tag along with me--

discover hundreds of marvelous shortcuts.
I hope these helpful hints will make revolution less time
      						       consuming & more fun.

Let's tackle our challenges with gusto, but let our daily moods

	                              (rather than the days of the week)

      			                              dictate which task we do at a given time.

Who says you have to incite riots on Monday, recruit
spies on Tuesday, purge weaker races on Wednesday . . . etc., etc?

Even though we all like clean, orderly revolutions because they
							bring peace of mind,

we must remember that no
                   revolutionary has ever had a perfectly orderly revolution.

  So don't try to make your revolution clean, tidy. It's a lost cause.

Remember, the Czar didn't fall in a day--
                              he still hasn't been finished off


Don't knock yourself out worrying about where to start. Try to clean
out the top ranks first. Just make your bed, rake high-ranking ministers
over hot coals, seize control of major media outlets. Then go back and get
little things done. Once things at the top are in disarray
						        it lends peace of mind.

This is what we work for our whole lives.

If you feel in the mood to give the ghettos a good cleaning,
			               drop everything, get to it . . . WOW!

If you feel like rearranging class structure,
                      		        hop to it. Then sit down and have a cup of coffee	
				                                      while you admire the results.

Take pride in wiring your explosives, washing blood from
your hands, laundering money, preparing troops, circulating
propaganda, sweeping old ladies off the street.

A revolutionary need so much courage to face ordinary,
daily tasks of bringing down oppressive governments. There are
days when we all feel gloomy.

               Sometimes tiny duties are burdens.

But pick up that courage comrades, say to yourself,

"Life is grand"

	      	--whether you are brainwashing mobs or cooking dinner.

Let's make revolution an exciting adventure,
                                      rather than drudgery.

Let's learn to find satisfaction in a job done to the best of our abilities & energy.

Enjoy life. You'll enjoy revolution more.
It can be fun 
if you learn to live a little while doing it. 

Pub. May 1998 DRC