Mars 6 / from LIP SERVICE
by Bruce Andrews

     O awkward more vagrant thicker
pride a priori carve to beaut sauce
& what else (repeated at intervals several times)
		    scared of twice smock
plays out curses, our language,
     suffrage grew hair deriding trim, clammy & taut
bride torture insect-size brassiere mirage
		    demure for more appetite combats
					visage pelt bite split.
     Uncowed & unbowed rugged self incumbent murk --
muscles accomplice under quick desert emulifying marble
bones already accounting pink intimacy set to music:
		    temptation squeezing out fuzzy slump
		    spaced purse plus heaven sent me,
special initiated trouble barnstormed such fucks,
	            furtive infatuated cantilever
		    split across chevron
		    needles impatience.
     Merciful bottled cause
stammerish vertigone
					clause sharpener
					creased young arborage
					tamper corsage --
nyah, nyah, nyah, my narcissism's (i.e. would certainly 've been)
		     -- you no dread, take that wig off --
better than your narcissism, nonchalant pocket offense
		     -- it's the eighties for ladies --
		     incumbent sizes you & your exclaims
		     2 eyelashes before the mast
		     abscend still shaking
slim red smiling waist;
     when I buy, I buy something out of my own brain --
		     dual forsakeable auto-vibration tossing
		     trash endearment, immeasureable cameos
		     salute more obscene none of this
		     lambasts enough impatient front.
     I = you
		     press button wakes asp to you
use her fist not domesticated enough for the table
sink the tuxedo quake-off snake
smearing aloud -- you --
		     dorky grace emboldens you spontaneously
		     to swallow (to avail oneself of)
artificially clumsy glove-roused divertimenti
		     basting repellant.
     You thaw me nice
lapping cum unheeded goodies least heroic bliss by half --
I gave my heart to you, I thought you could use it:
snatch & sirens cull bite turn me down or turn me over
		     coo & lie mineral on the move
		     milks me on hot incursions
have myself readored -- the self-possessed satisficers
		     eat you periodically.
     Tell me 
		     wondering what every other breast is like:
shoot me the sherbet -- puffing up access illicit
		     gift to size reveal than itself
		     almost is all I need, I can misclassify
		     the protuberance as well as the next gal;
     tell me dark rubs
-duce at stockings
		     you don't like stumps ? -- I resent that;
					 nonpariel wasting rub
		     the prop repenting lax a little fierce
		     			 for me, legging dread
		     pleasing, indemnify scan.
     I like the spark 'em skinny roles, laying-on-of-hands
		     ovaries hover maddeningly righteous
		     -- a h n g s h a h n g t a y
serve your sofa size
moves out balndishments;
     & do the high class thing man
enough can do, tranquilly self-hardened
		     pinching of two crystals put down to night
		     discreet one sale chose for me,
     talk about numb lips ! -- why risk sex
with failure ? -- never say diet ! -- slow-motion kicks
				       have more to play with
willing wild git down with the git down
bat rides fingered restraint,
     dynamic lip wars hose down the modern vocals
		     measure friendship with geiger counter --
muscle convictions bisect the brood.
     Standing there with your knees in your pockets,
				       puff or swab ? --
		     self-congratulatorily stylized every tooth
		     in a romance, rave-breathing impatience
ruining the tongue in the hole, receptacle spit erasured in
		     thrilling game, guileless trench
tails between legs: drug courting dissatisfied-to-be
essence of sleeve-wetting pyramids gave me leave.
     Employer mystique:
		     crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside:
		     fidgety whim legs are social breathers
		     lack lilt, promotion retards grooming slid
		     flukish twain in fits --
why do I raise the knob to let these people interrupt me ? --
my titties are big on you, ballerinas headlong
		     ifs medicate, catalog of rubber flaunts
				       cumulate me.
     Repeal those largesse lips -- soothing minors lithesome
drowns flamboyance, go fuck your own fertility:
		     bovine reversal pride minuets
		     pride your lozenges -- Henri-Henriette
		    		       sudden fits,
		     my bump is gone --
color jeopardized moda masculina murderess.
     I'm strictly a formalist in psychology:
ampule untrumped heat mittens, epidemic of
prepubertal breast development from anomalies to peel
				       -- excuse the glove --
		     this lust opens doors, evident squeeze
my fat one's ditch such that same-sex tribulation g'wan be
swollen dalliance pretty lumpen for pleasure --
alcohol can speed up this process: girls who tango citizenship
				       can't tango
				       rapier hazard
suit up moisture magnum treats.
     Oh clergy aureoles, world's greatest upstairs --
		     inflation's eating up my pussy
		     consent reduced to contact --
why biting off the snake's head is so decisive:
		     what month is it ? fulfills fealty to desire
torque this etiquette back in box burns replacement
bedding valiants confine,
     he was dickless, that was the best part about him --
flabbergasted worth tawdrisks clapping forfeit
do whatever's best had tête-à-tête with
		     consummating furor want sops
same sexers to mull
		     curt gisted swell.
     Sizzlin' languor depicts
ankles rationed men, a solitary nonchalance,
		     ridiculates armature vogue chute
		     lead them on if at all bonds cruel
		     court illumine lazes of confidence
abates dissolve
		     improvingly negligent,
     my indoors
iced up on me --
the sweet smell of vindication
		     tights require brain
		     gliding escape to twist
my fondness for men into overnight amnesia spree;
     nerve cells on strike --
					conveyance on backwards;
I'm available
if you qualify:
		     I want some bother
in my hopeful.		

Pub. May 1998 DRC