like a muffin
by Stu Fuchs and Mark Peters

a reassuring form of hoodlum
no not Barbie
like a muffin with Ron Wood
dressed like a geek in denial
even though my dick is oatmeal
kids aren't just for screenwriters anymore
	at ten years old the swinging nun was seventeen years old
	ask the Cowboy
a continental freelancer with a whammy bar
pulling off your shit at home or
pulling off your shirt at home
impressing the hell out of your fat little tummy in 1982
baby baby baby do you like certain foods
like a muffin with Ron Wood
	flake out and be with her who has
	a big evil penis
you gave an unqualified urine sample
moonlighting as a sexy woman 
Joan Baez is hiding in a vat
it's kind of amazing in a direct factual way
like a muffin with Ron Wood
theoretically she's married
	when he's thirsty?	
the eighties the binkies the nappy
the psycho Kareem soggy body of a coo coo soft Sugar Ray 
the last federal sambas running away 
like a muffin with Ron Wood
from the fresh babe child of Jimmy Carter and Chelsea Clinton
she has a better sex life than the Santa Monica freeway
	in a manner completely unlike the imposter
	women-friendly like a porno
like a muffin with Ron Wood
there was some gambling gear in a dockside great-grandmother
dating honest college-educated stable Tarzans 
that love attention and new solutions too
in the kitchen in the syrup in the scoring position
the sergeant never faltered from the task
	what're you doing?
	getting yer nutz off
you won't believe a man could absorb so much sugar whoops!
like a muffin with Ron Wood
non-personal non-viral non-marital non-deplorable
we will have three wishes and three thingees
just enough room to die an early death
somankito wooditootieeetootieetootieetootoeeetoot!
	44 quarts of beer drug-free fun and friendship
	14 children--12 boys and 1 girl

Pub. May 1998 DRC