And Even You Elephants?
(Stein 139/Titles 35)
by Jackson Mac Low

And even a place?
A sounder one.

Whose hanging showed a desperate resignation?
Recognition and restitution prepare extreme pleasure.
Amusing concentrated heaviness can be splendid.

Circulating cigarettes distinguishes resignation.
Exuding recognition won't enlarge all circumstances.
Consider an entirely reasonable description.
Would such a description coagulate recognition?
And what would it express?

Four sincerely intentional gliders resigned.
Instruct us to recognize persecution.
Can't all eyes recognize it?
All could.
Nothing's enclosing space, necessity's originary institution.
Which choking explanation is even a sauce for the crestfallen?

We seconded singular eucalyptus preparations.
What preparations?
Isn't that strangely prepared asparagus soup too glassy?
Merciful heating is necessary for cooking.
Have straight descriptions of preparation disappeared?
Can glass establish erections?
Frequently astonishing cooking restores resignation to birthdays.
Resignation and brushing can be especially wetting conundrums.
Lengthening daylight and preparing for penetration are examples of alleviation.
Would counting plates and burning placards distract a mercenary opportunist?
Can Justice's splendid declarations even withstand you elephants?

Source : All of Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons, first edition, as corrected by Stein in her handwritten entries in Donald Sutherland's copy, found by Ulla E. Dydo in the U. of Colorado Library, Boulder, Special Collections. Seed: Stein's title "An Elucidation." Method: Sending source and seed through DIASTEX5, Charles O. Hartman's 1994 update of his automation of my "diastic text-selection" method (1963), and revising the output into sentences by changes of word order, affixes, and "helping words." Form: Five strophes comprising numbers of verse-line sentences corresponding to the prime-number sequence 2, 3, 5, 7, 11.

Jackson Mac Low, New York: 28 September–7 November 2000

Pub. May 2001