by Anne Tardos

              For Jackson Mac Low

Avuncular proceeding
A bench harbors a seedling
Black as any crow
A mouse can be so slow
So gently humbly bleeding

Flamingo catcher demon
The gimmick of a he-man
House arrest canary
A scimitar that's scary
This python's daydreamin'

Ptarmigan psychology
Orangutang theology
Pre-biblical prairie dog
Plutocratic pocket mouse
Plunk-down mange pathology

Petticoat pessimist
Approbation optimist
Neorican duck's feet
Mudpuppy mucksheet
Monte Carlo copper sleet

Self-stimulation Thursday
Sanctuary birthday
Quantum mechanize
Randomly spotted margay

Morphological nitpicking venue
Rabbit hole vegetarian menu
Nimbus glory
Poker-faced bunny mummy
And the loudest radio galaxy I ever knew

Pool room exaggeration
Flammable glandular ablation
Zinc bar
Candle star
Stevedore stillbirth amplification

Tenacious turmoil promptitude
Agglutination turpitude
Stylized a tutu
Reclined atop a choo-choo
Took in the dik-dik's solitude

Ridiculous ridgepole rafters
Secondary shotgun crafters
I smell a rat
Flexography hat
Flibbertigibbets ran after

Academic battlement flickering
Boxturtle blazer dyke's bickering
Bauhaus functionalism
Intramural individualism
Laughable latitude lingering

Lavender Mexican jumping bean
Pussyfoot fuselage steam machine
Mezzanine horse
Pidgin English course
Never a tear in her gabardine

Lipopoly sacharide shipboard
Sanctimony samovar clipboard
Mercator projection
Manatee protection
Layabout leitmotiv stiff-bored

Pokerface fisherman noodle
North-seeking kit and caboodle
Pedigree permit
Raggedy hermit
Rambouillet redingote spooler

Thickwitted sportsmanship meaning
Thespians' trachia cleaning
Walk a borzoi
Webfooted weasel-baby gleaming

Quintuplicated cardigan
Wrapped around a ptarmigan
Monorail rattlesnake
Rabble-rouser drink take
Danced around the room again

A sweet william suicided
Just because she decided
To fall into a quagmire
Lose the mottles we admire
I think she was a little bit misguided

Zebulon afterglow
Clerihew red wine snow
Clapperclaw battlefield
Christmas card absinthe yield
And a lumpy-bumpy radio

A brazen bilateral bikini
Worn by a Malatesta in Rimini
Turned a docile gorilla
Into a chinchilla-like killer
And demolished all the linguini

Kingfisher birdie num-num
Kettledrum fe-fi-fo-fum
Kleptomaniacal kiwi bird
Steely-eyed flightless and quite absurd
Offering everyone sugar-plum

Hoerspiel measurment
Visigoth impediment
Sentimental journey
Jacknife attorney
Climbing up the tenement

Rosa took a ride on a bulldozer
Deep inside the city of Mendoza
She was reading a book
That she got from a cook
Who recommended she familiarize herself a little bit at least with Spinoza

Foolie fooly amber glue
When does Apu follow through
Who is who and who is who
Gruesome threesome true-blue cuckoo
Do I write this poem or do you

The time has come to face the music
No mechanic need to panic
Tell the story of jiggery-pokery
Unsalted nunnery
Fully deductible and organic

Thirsty celestial oddity
Celery soup Steinbeck commodity
Slightly perturbed
At being a Serb
Droopy like polytonality

Energy spectrum Amazon dodge
Spinach in Greenwich comfortable lodge
Henpecked seaweed
Nympholeptic Ganymede
Considering all of this a little bit odd

Language is relational and systematic
Free will, on the other hand, is downright cinematic
Relevance of meaning-structure
Tiny prickly acupuncture
What could be more enigmatic

Pub. May 2001