by Evan Mazunik

Experience before agreement is start of hard.
Want saving directions, hard directions.
Start of want is agreement before experience.

Saving saving is hard
Want experience?
Start agreement.
--before directions of agreement
--before hard experience
--before directions start (….is saving want start of directions?
start of experience?)
Is hard want agreement??

Start, start!

Before is of saving.

Source: User's Guide to Microsoft Publisher (1993) Process: took employer's ID # off my 1999 W-2 form; broke up into various one- or two-digit segments to generate page numbers. Scanned the designated pages in the user's guide for first word beginning with a "w," then counted +/- 2 words to generate a word bank. I then arranged these words in various orders, yielding a lovely, golden-brown pound cake…wait, I mean, a poem.

Pub. May 2001