for rr & KMc
by derek beaulieu

one boarder to another. a lowered ceiling or strange feeling in the bathroom. the task & any medium may contain defects. there may be refunds offered below. small print strong sense. a fifth of. freshly poured & blocking the back lane. one & another one. rented cubes as part of the activity. march in admirable order. planets. a striking white page stroking hands. a shudder in every new car. penetrate the principal sponsors & shoulder the small print. check again. a sentence searching for a site. colonel lieutenant captain. the best you can do. the exhilarating speed, e-text displayed. dishes on counters books in boxes. screwing. I mention this history regarding my position. hands compare wounds, tar stains. two leaks in two places. a post & a fishing rod. one small hole in one silk screen.

Pub. May 2001