by Peter Balestrieri

Kisses for the Moon

He bucked real hard and I rode him like I ride all of 'em.
          Jason Bennet, bull rider

Whenever she needed to cry in a scene, Clara Bow had the musicians play "Rock a Bye Baby."

What do you call that outfit?
          I call it my "Go away!" outfit.

Come on in, Comrade.
          Helen Broderick in Swing Time

You take romance. I'll take Jell-O.
          Ginger Rogers in Swing Time

"Skaters' Waltz"
"Wild Colonial Boy"

He'll regret it to his dying day if ever he lives that long.
          Victor McLaughlin in The Quiet Man

Two women in the house and one of them a redhead!
          Barry Fitzgerald in The Quiet Man

You wouldn't want to wake up some morning smothered would you?
          "Aunt Jenny," I Remember Mama

This is strictly medicinal, Madam. I assure you I take no pleasure in it.

He sure is a big bird.
          That's why they call him Big Bird.
                    Zoe's jacket to Zoe, Sesame Street

Punch in the Stomach

You took my lighter, didn't you?
          It's with the baby in bed.

Toward the end of The Great Ziegfeld, the cast of a show that opens with a circus number sings words to "March of the Gladiators."

I can feel it in your bones.
          Spencer Tracy in Pat and Mike

The Bridge of His Nose

Death in the desert: Murcy or merdur?

Spitting is the only thing men are good for.
          Anita Laurenti in The Red Violin

As Dominic was playing outside on the green top. Dominic turned and accidentally hit the pole. Hitting the pole Dominic scratched his lower left eye.

Good ropin', Cowboy Elmo.
          A cactus, Elmo's World

Cat's Paw

"At Last My Love Has Come Along"

We'll build a little nest
Somewhere out in the West
And let the rest of the world go by.
          "Let the Rest of the World Go By"

Tuck Me In

I won fourteen hundred and forty quarters playing the slots in Tahoe.

What is that gizmo?
          That "gizmo" is a machine from another planet.
                    Sheriff to Gene Barry in War of the Worlds

Lord protect this rocket house and all those who dwell within the rocket house.
          Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

The Defense Lawyer of Darkness

I'm so hungry I could eat the legs off the table.
          "Jackie Leeds," The Star Witness

Mother, I'm hungry.
          Bambi in Bambi

Your antiques are all forgeries.
          Wow man, that really hurts.

I suppose you want me to go to night school and read poems.
          James Cagney in The Public Enemy

What will "elephantine" mean when the elephant's extinct?

Briggs, a sailor in King Kong, is the guy that Gable cold cocks in Too Hot to Handle.

In Central Airport, 1933, why does Richard Barthelmess' seaplane have a hammer and sickle and Chinese writing on the fuselage?

If the straightjacket fits, wear it!

What're you standin' there for? This takes beef!
          Eugene Pallette in The Kennel Murder Case

Get something for yourself.
          Rat poison?
You've already got that.

My friend here will introduce us. His name is Gun.
          A crook, Superman

My Daddy went to the hospital and never came back.

Johnny, you're eating! I've never seen you eat before!
          I think I'm sober.
                    Some big guy to Peter Lorre in Three Strangers

Pub. May 2001