by Mark Peters

whippin' wanking willy wonk
the the the
do do digging
wild hand wild tickling
the the the
doing combat tug-of-war
wrinkles launching milking shaking
the thermometer seeds
dry-firing your tugging
wedding yanking molest yank
the the the
dork God Pagan
who's hair palms bonk
the Philistine the
dick cow hog
wrist banana baldman choke
the chicken the
date dong hog
wood mayo kill pork
the the override
dragon pope piglet
wookie ball Willy Wanker
the the flesh
dolphin hose beggar's
wham spank splat milky
taffy the the
dog yourself tugging
weasel warming dolphin musket
the whack the
dummy your digging

Pub. May 2001