Here there be dragons/Where?
by Robert Creeley and Mark Peters

Here there be dragons.

           It's always darkest

Here, there and everywhere?

           before the dawn.

There are lots of hidden treasures here.

           It's always blackest

Here there is no hope.

           when you've gone.

Here there be ghosts.

           It's always bleakest

Here? There? Elsewhere?

           when you're gone away.

Here, there and everywhere, I think.

           It's always creepiest


           when the lights go out.

How do I get from here to there?

           Dead to dawn,

Down here there is no democracy.

           lie down on the lawn,

That's neither here nor there.

           turn the sprinkler on,

Ashes here, ashes there.

           the good times are gone--

There is little water here.

           You should have stayed home.

There's nowhere to park here.

           Now you're all alone,

Love is here, love is there.

           chilled to the bone.

There's a fear down here we can't forget.

           No home or nothing.

Are there any rules here?

           No where else to roam.

There's nothing here.

           It's gone.

There's a bucket here.

           That's an illusion.

Here there be buttons.

           That's a confused illusion.

Don't touch me there.

           An illusory confusion.

Touch me there.

           A self-induced delusion.


           It's always darkest before the dawn.

Let me do it!

           It's gone, man.

Pub. May 2001