by Craig Dworkin

As he descended the outside steps of the Bank he carefully observed all the passersby, but even in the surrounding streets he could perceive no sign of a girl waiting for anybody. Indeed, its eagerness for it probably owed as much to the example of the French past as it did to contemporary Italian humanism. Old Goethe, when Diez at 24 paid him a visit in homage, had just perceived virtue in the newly published Choix des Poésies des Troubadours of Franqois J. M. Raynouard, where he saw clarities worth German attention. The new profusion of watches was a response to, as well as a cause of, a heightened sense of punctuality in this period, especially in urban centers. He saw a '49 Hudson for sale and rushed to the bank for his entire roll. Projects For The Future. Tree, you have terrified the oakgrove: space hangs from the hooks of your branches. Le rideau se léve. She was covered from head to foot in white veils. The letters didn't get here (they got held up). Hector Berlioz provided or suffered (with the time lag typical of France) the biographical evidence. The declaration published 25 June 1962 by the Situationist International apropos of the trial of Uwe Lausen in Munich enumerated three types of negation the situationist movement has met with so far. Tycho possesses the best observations, and thus, so to speak, the material for the building of the new edifice. out of/ hell. Whole cities succumb to the infection of the diva. But in the ongoing struggle for existence the desired goal (security) continues to elude the individual's grasp. Within this framework, then, Einstein, Planck, Rutherford, and Russell revealed radical new paradigms in physics and mathematics. Gray matter is also behind the mathematical operations that undergird what the Renaissance referred to as the "legitimate construction" and we call perspective projection. The surrealist resemblance, on the other hand, is between irrational, unconscious desire and the strange manifestation if it in the outer world. "I am an only child, powerless and weak, and yet it is my weakness that gives me the boldness of offering myself as VICTIM of your love, 0 Jesus!"

Pub. Feb. 1999