Backflow Prevention Assemblies
by Steve Carll

Propulsed through a meridian's
tai-chi kundalini buzz
what once described itself as "I"--
your stereotypical bomb-faxing anarchist
new outrageous alien from the planet of flirtatious genitalia
cocky thief and proud possessor of Breton's neglected bullshit detector
set on overload
and hidden in the silent abyss of the audience--
new tumescent rainstorm of the future.

Legitimacy squabble
begins its opening-up
among atonal meat arcs
based in southwestern
red light havoc,
eyes a googolplex of marvelous gigabyte-marks
straining against the palette flash
derived from the 256 colors
of Avalon ballrooming in your
ocular capturing software.
Who's the dame with the classy chassis?
The wine lay loaded in the bowl.

So, spurred forward by grammar, our hero
is plunged into central nervous syzygy.
Bookish alignment threw out the spine.
Planet of the primates has landed today.

I relinquish the delinquent.
Talk and tale turns:
being disappeared in Disneyland's penal system,
another fast brother, whacked by The Mouse.
Deltoid spasm.
Some barrel of insomniac monkeys
and their devious meditation.
Public service with a smile.
If only viruses & germs could be trained to obey our bidding;
that's what they're thinking.

Did you know drill instructors barked?
It's a catastrophic range.
Forced apart, the tenure of our disastrous ecology, but
Has anyone explored the etymological connection between crisis and critic?
A scooping media patterned after frenzy:
science, on the fly, at the helm.
Attention bridge spanning two fictions.
Criss-crossing to indicate self-awareness.

Pub. Feb. 1999