Love, Evolving Bureaucrat
by Steve Carll

Dear oh dear, My flesh-colored mirror: "You can't do anything, except you don't have to yell immediately." Saint Louie's view: S Cradle-arms VT language DO respect. Sunset Debris The drums of irony scavenge the nightmares of omniscience. I wanted to say omnipotence's nightmares, but went with it. What I mean is the cultural æffluvium processed by massed media. What I mean is the social role many _____'s are taking on themselves. "When their dream is the world's nightmare we will be there like vultures to shock them in their dream." Until they harmonize the oneiric essence or decide never to close eyes again. Dear Odin: never met a soul who'd rather be a phantom than an apparition. We're partitioned by the nightstand, of late. (And set to auto transmit, if you must know.) Each unique communique a closering of ______________. love, Evolving Bureaucrat P.S. You've truly yet to see love kick through the land.
Pub. Feb. 1999 DRC