House in Order
by Aaron Armstrong Skomra

unfortunately I got involved in video gambling over the internet
it's how my wife died
little did we know that
we couldn't just stop when we felt like it
the company is very influential
but not like the mob
their influence was more pervasive
when we tried to back out
the wrath of Satan poured down on us
they had many goons
to try and stop us from leaving the
fairgrounds where we first ran into video gambling

they were very nice to us at first
we were given free treats like
metro tokens, which we needed,
but then my wife and I got into a small argument
Mr. & Mrs. video poker were not happy she had left her spot at the
          internet station
their large stand was cluttered
but not dirty & it shook with fury
when they found out I poked through some of their stuff

anyway they were going to kill my wife, they had a lot of goons
and they knew what we looked like
at first the police were a little help
but when their shift ended at 5:00 they didn't understand the magnitude
of the problem and went home

fortunately there was 1 big and strong cop
who helped us out, took a liking to us
but by this point the full wrath of the Video Gambling Organization
          was being put down upon us
they were ready when the police got off shift
If the workforce would have never been specialized by civilization
          there wouldn't have been these goons
Unfortunately it was and there were
and the goon that got us was sort
of an android, he had transformed
himself into a giant pendulum shaped like
a shovel when our vehicle, an airbus,
went underneath a bridge he wacked us
and jumped in
Fortunately our protector got on top of
the vehicle with him but it was bad
when he got sliced to pieces by
the super human
but it must have been the rebirth of the human body, because our
          friend who was just a human
assembled himself back together from many cut up human pieces
and killed the android
we saw this visually stunning triumph from the video surveillance camera
that was placed on top of the vehicle

Pub. Feb. 1999