by G.P. Skratz


regular adornment, donut ears, dominos,
o leave the bat to all who see its ears.

to dress in hipness, daze us in season,
not to be ready for photon engine loser lungs.

o saudi arabia money numb;
tremendous carrot winging.
donut ears, dominos, regular adornment,
o leave the bat to all who see its ears.


eerie liaison,
grizzly liaison,
eerie liaison.

[Sequence: Dies irae]

tie us tightly, tie us tighter,
solve it, saccharine flavorer,
affadavit gunship bearer.

grant us trimmer restful jurists,
grant us youth success, assure us,
conquer strict disgust for us.

[Sequence: Tuba mirum]

tuba mirror, bargain ovum,
perhaps you'll cry, wretch & own them.
go get all the saints & throw them.

more's the pity yet gnats for all,
come, research it, grants for all,
giant candy restrooms for all.

strippers, strip the profit-takers,
info-toting cogitaters,
undermine the eunichs later.

universal comfort day-bed,
kinky, auto-operated,
millions of 'em, laminated.

quicksand masters dank thesaurus?
grandpa's drone enrages tourist?
convict oozes zits & cures us.

[Sequence: Rex tremendae]

rooster monday, may jesters stalk us,
crystal spam dissolve us, cross us,
survey meat field, eagle feather dust.

[Sequence: Recordare]

reggae terror yam soup pier,
quite some gazetteer of fear!
nevermore december, dear.

quarantine sadistic laughers:
free domestic gruesome bastards:
thank us later nonsense clashers.

rusted buick oceanic,
thunder fuck weed messianic,
hand the demon rats atomic.

intermission, time, come free us:
corporation vultures, meet us:
supper candy parsley, tease us.

k-mart aisle map solution,
saxophone inauguration,
manly cocaine sperm deduction.

press us, meager nonsense jingle:
xerox bogus, fax be nimble,
now perceive it: cream or wrinkle.

under over locomotive,
elevate us, mesa captive,
stuttering hymnal detective.

[Sequence: Confutatis]

kung fu dentist, marble dishes,
famous cholesterol dishes:
fungus meat company dishes.

oral surgery, acclaim us,
organ dripping crazy send us,
cherry cobbler meal, find us.

[Sequence: Lacrimosa]

lack of more stuff, deal zippers,
corny circus act bafflers,
understanding home appliance:
human cargo perseverance.

beehive yay boo promenade,
donut erotic hem. almond.

[Offertorium: Domine Jesu]

promenade yay boo criss-cross, wrecked storybook,
liberal enema holding room foretelling room debauching room
the penis inverted,
at the broke fumble locker:
liberal arts deodorant honors
neon surrogate arts torture us,
narcotic inner store-room:
sad signature sawdust maker
representation lusting sandstorm:
calm alarm opera ache prompt assistance,
assimilate grievance.

[Offertorium: Hostias]

audience oppress us, tipsy promenade, loudest over highest:
to such a peak broke enima bags lull us,
golden oldie memento room, fax a mist:
fuck art, dominate, denote the transparent advantage.
calm alarm opera ache prompt assistance,
assimilate grievance.


sawdust, sawdust, sawdust
tomahawk take us, obey it.
beautiful gorilla, a cruel error dooms all.
another mistress sells us.


penitentiary vomit inauguarate dominate.
another mistress sells us.

[Agnus Dei]

actors' daydream, cathartic pajama monday,
donut erotic hem.

actors' daydream, cathartic pajama monday,
donut erotic hem.

actors' daydream, cathartic pajama monday,
donut erotic hem, zap & burn them.


looks adorn it you see its ears promenade.
consign this double spin assortment,
keep the pie-face jest.

Pub. Feb. 1999