T      H       HE
       T      H       HE
       T      H       HEEEEEEEE

E             X   X P      PE               I     O     O D    D D     D
EEEEEE      X    PPPPPEEEEEE      I    O       OD     DD      D    I
E             X   X P        E               I     O     O D    D D     D

     C    IIIIIII       SS  TTTTTTT
  C    C     I        S    S      T
 C            I        S            T
C             I           S         T
 C     C     I      S     S       T
  CCC    IIIIIII   SSS         T

Welcome to the second issue of The Experperioddicist - electronic.
Still trying to get the hang of it, and looking for new connexions, means of
distribution. This issue will be a little longer than last, but still
hopefully a quick download. Eventually, as the net becomes more graphic
friendly, we will incorporate visuals and sounds and a chorus line, but for
now it's voodoo in ASCII. The post address is: 9th St. Laboratories
P.O.Box 3112
Florence, AL 35630
should you want to send something via that route.
Here's all the new mojo:

(soon to published in The Experioddicist - print version)

1. Prescript: I have nothing to say.

2. Nothing counts any more; nothing ever did.

3. Culture is dead. It committed suicide because it had become succeccful.

4. The liberation of language, a poetics of freedom of the word, the
Futurists' parole in liberta, the jouissace of schizophrenic dicourse, the
transrational zaum of the Russians, all fit perfectly into their preordained
boxes, gagging them forever.

5. The violence of pure heterology runs rampant in the streets.

6. Poetry has no impact on people. Right when they think it does, they are
furtherest from its transmuting power, to which the weak look back in

7. Personhood is fictional.

8. There is no synaesthesia right around the corner to bail us out.

9. Only the foolish believe that technology has an autonomous status. They
rush into its arms expecting salvation and find only their asphyxiation.

10. In a zero-state world, you can't go on vacation any more.

11. All the so-called great achievements of our generation are nothing; you
can't distinguish between "them" and the versions of them we are force-fed.

12. The artist has no public. The audience is bought and paid for.

13. After Auschwitz, poetry was written, but it might as well not have been.

14. At the extreme end of representation, nothing remains, or what is left is
precisely that: remains.

15. The apotheosis of display ends up where it started: with less value than
that of a bad joke.

16. Our only chance is total denial.

17. Language is nothing more than a running back and forth.

18. Nihil obstat everything.

19. The king is dead.

20. Integration: all previous manifestoes are hereby declared null and void. 

by Carolyn Steinhoff Smith

Let sleeping pigs fly
into the dogpen
I run out of
        barks        barks
run out of me
I need everything but you
Your brush so wide
Your bride so lush
And bountiful and beyond repair
thought the pear,
spokewoman on the porch
with presents on her mind:
"Am I going to get something?"
Their dogleg street lifts itself
over the highway
     .  .   . that their masks
and costumes are just precious
in Vinyl Man's presence.
Dogleg street life presents .  .  .
The utter stillness of a bath.
(UNTITLED) by Calum Selkirk

However, because many of them and they should be, are already on government
hit lists doesn't guarantee there survival states. There hope to dig in. The
first bones taken out, controlled by the enemy.....prepared in various States
bordering free enclaves.... zones under other auspices...... not saying this
is all real....people believed....real question is why. The Ayrians aren't
the master race spreading disinformation....fact is the Goeup empire edited
one intelligent hitch (described as "a requirement for the 90's")....there
reported fractures in the "shopping list" for guardian constitutional
forces....repo-experiments coming out....circulating the "O"'s all
public and alot of mind control work. Helicopter Underground....maps of unsecreted locations.
Attorney Linda Theory forces Waco burning videotape....paramilitary strike
force.....back up assisstance...flame thrown TV 21 ..... circulate
predetermined time sleepers...gunmen ...hmm...i jus wonder.
Anybody know who's writing group....cause it was with a
paralell cat (obliously a she)...could be used in establishing a know phychic
by intelliegent point energy and thought control on an on
universe.....secret prospect in zero....quick anatomic using
agants involved in terminal espionage...the intelligence/counter-intelligence
christ known as the Maitreya Tara Organization....backed by Benjamin
Creme....shadowy ties to come back to the U.S....the Maitreya's purpose is
prophecy.....tJesus twisted logic.....when they kill christ can't be far
behind .....(shot) in thee comes forth....prolong this state of word war
coming. The antix...agents of the weird desk....downing remote
viewing.....already at the end of nds......the free working on crisis
3 PIECES by Ficus strangulensis

spracht he pokkata pokkata pokkata
from thingly veiled threads often thought
by the unobserved to be top quark tracks he
spun gold cloth for the Lame' and halt
and overtly PECKED at the copper trough
for where else or when could I see this?

a day later, the saints' petcages cleaned,
I pushed back with a dish of fired aunts
around a bud-get orderly by my handsome
bronto bro's brazen arch.. his prisoner
compromized and detailed to shiny chrome
ancillarily saluting Mama Capo dAdA day.

Reformat for speech synthesizer or cracked
skinked lazy tales astutely bundled for sale
my spoked spook spool of lint ikky pooL sweeper
West Virginia homeostasis as Veronica interface
Coalmine sweeper pingPingPING|Gnip gNip gnIp gniP
arching back, sleeping sn0rtz oystershellion
stalsis prognoscimon practology keeps burning
ISNOWTHE by Jim Leftwich

The tattoo moves. Spin riddles, night's spiracle, pirouette of sihouettes.
Along a mobius strip in which all depths are brought to the surface, all
surfaces fall to depths. Revet vatic algebra, caravel in wicker curl, beetle
webbed in reel. Wall above raceme, lucent ledge of weave, ludic wind. Blur
wreathes flash of feast in coil. Tribal rite spins silence. Writing from the
ridden, brittle, mobile briars, death's wrist.

Strand of nod, strain spider's eye through aperture, suffuse fish. Ooze of
clocks across the limen into endorphins' image. Reinventing the numen, the
corporation, oval aura around each item, repackaging the process. Place of
the skull, voodoo tattoo. Fecal pistol throat. Hydration of the depths,
alchemy of oil and death. Morphine of rain, a rhapsody. Age of silent

Performance, gristle of the nation, hours of toxic collaboration. Coiled
economics, wrath of the wrench. Currency of the eaten, coverge on anger,
allotropes of aphasia. Erase Eros, event the east, soil is money, sold in
phrases, lunar oil. Urgent missle plastics, bouleversement. Is now the
convent of intentions. Swim the boils of breath. Cesspool of the holy, silver
blood, empty flayed intestine.

Fecal bloom, jejune. Between form and transformation, chemiluminescent,
content gets you across. Bitten fractions, sea circles. Now is the artifice,
convex mentation. Snow in the sinews hones honest nests, ait of nits, newn
histone, histology of noise. Its unmade sheets are the dawn of things.
Fractal frit, alar ilia, night measured as lack of nits. Knowing changes.

                     Real absence based on expert amnesia, experience no
question. Open that. Absolve pervasive direction, regarded as independent,
breath's circumstance, practcal source of adverbs, parched voice of circled
stances, open grave greater than oval zero, light shallow subject, glass body
rubbed, origins of the gymnosophist's orisons. Less shadow lakes than lather,
toxic serpent's udder, visceral flesh. Annihilate body with person, bloody as
dispersal, the beach can wait. Lyric is belief in the impossible. Airt
glossed by lac, lost in the runes' wound, trial encompassed trail. Sexual
property crazed by desire, apostrophe without form.

Perdition of miracle, theif in the chasuble, the infinite is a ternary
essence. Withered form, catastrophic, lotion's ship. The sine sings. A
possible building denounced by missing floors, singed sighs, several spectral
propositions, now is the direction, regal as in Detroit, art's fiscal
circumcision, Essene, terror of final senses, fatal aquiescence. Suspire,
suspect pyre, pectoral signal, silence is oval. Pelvic altar, note no
question, precise, real absence, known incision. Experiential adverb, slowly
the stream of letters settled into a line. Silent reverb roses add, tactical
source of philanthropy greater than bosons.

The parrotfish sleeps in a clear bubble of mucus. Horizon's gaseous body,
rubbed origins, sexual debts sire sand, efface sun ship. Horizon as a verb,
the hidden face of desire. Eros the goddess of dawn, neither lisp nor
metathesis, face the shade of eosin. This is an apostrophe denounced by
missing form, turning away from wish. This is the double heart of the lost
wall. From strophe to apostle, by perposition sent. Without a plausible will,
sing now, the art of cecal doors, love no quest, shun floors.

Insert opaque erotic data. Poetry is made in bed like love. Opal roils,
insurrection. Name whines on the mesa, offal riots, empty resurrection, dates
eaten, carnal plates. Precise source of a direction, perfuse chyme. This sort
of a sentence, opaque sesame. A statement that proclaims the long vowels it
contains. Thistle snort issues pittance, rub alters rose.

                          Detect the horse convection, convention's text is
fiction. Regal gala lasts in detriment of real absence. Drug dung, oval
obsolescence. The smallest possible circle, the circle become a dot.
Circumvent able stances based on practice, adverse experiments, the adverb
advertises place, time is its expression. Greyer than light and shadow, below
brujo, shallow hero mesa, I Ching, therefore za um, sone beyondsense. In the
sexual body, since beyond several, pizza oom, razed metoscopy. Origins
annihilate horizons, a person's will as property, buy desire's apostrophe.

Silence is an opal, pelvic mesa, eye is spine. Verbal ampere, fire in spoor,
fever bites, slyph wine. Open oval roses, drag text box into trash. Compass
nutation, somatic paliimpsest. Apocalyptic stroll, liasons can wait, licit
wall of tissue. Relationships without form a possible building. Announced as
missing floors. Epact precession.

3 PIECES by John M. Bennett


Seething-race bottoms bloomed night contracts the
skin exudes or sand adherence lisping sputter change
of changing windows never open open always peace
turmoils my sleep awakes in flame what called me
swarming gnats in glass and maggots wall I kiss your
"bite you on the arm?" the sheets ballooned and
clothesless oil rivers span appearance drown and
burn (learn or steaming face, thin same falls, charm-
ing worm though worm segmentioned, feet marooned
but shining

c John M. Bennett  5.25.94

LACE rings thigh rolls soil themes panted temple
sweat receives tongue penned booking through the
chests' compaction pillows fall or resonate a
nostril flares your smear legs me steady rain
ear fills hair tide hasty teething space recalls
or burning willows where the lake's retraction
dries the nesting loop of leaving blended dermis
plunged in dust's relieved yet squirming tempered
with exaction chanted same and leaves the rugged
holey oil sighs limbs sing PLACE

c John M. Bennett  5.25.94


Seeming,rinsing, of the cataract blinked basal
drilling th- ing steams the ceiling wave of light
relips my hand above (shirted mist) or sandy hips
afield redressing, act-linked, slave of backward
skirt-reluct, tent collapsed fragment dirt I eat
your armpits glow peeled chin gleams (resting,
sink repast ahead regressing lack of, drunken
lead congeals; if thinking, rots...) drink of


c John M. Bennett  5.25.94

excerpt from STANZAS FROM DJERASSI (for lou harrison)
by Jack Foley

float down among us
from "sky"

and say
"snow"    "piss"    "cat"    "euthanasia"

It's possible you know
it could be

                          what are these words
                          what can be done with them


I held my hands in front of me

                          what about these words
                          what about

what reason do we have
to move
from one word to another?
(that is the point of "inspiration"--
the mind so agitated it doesn't question it just)
what does it mean to be
in a "radical openness"
in a state in which "I"
is nothing more than the "site"
in which these--
what, here, is "liberty"?--
However, it was not only among the mass of Athenian citizens that freedom
consciousness developed.  Slavery had rendered the independence of the mass
of native Greeks possible, not by making them a leisure or idle class, as was
once naively thought, but by making their independence tolerable to their
former masters by providing them with an alternative, more flexible labor
force. Cleisthenes, who had been on the losing side in an intra-elite
squabble, "took the people into his party," people whom he had "previously
held in contempt." This is where the situation stood at the turn of the fifth
century B.C.  It was a tense moment in the history of freedom, in
consciousness of it, and in the very language used to convey it.  But it was
a tension pregnant with enormous possibilities. Bringing the whole thing to
fulfilment, the very birth pangs of freedom, so to speak, were the Persian
time, she said,
and climbed into bed.
Lady of pain, lady beloved of Swinburne,
writing verses on his way to be flogged,
are You here
do You conduct
us to the "underworld"?
is it Your dream that admonishes?
is it You we admire in this
              living landscape?
is it you who open your legs to the "thrust" of freedom?

a slow-moving, meditative poetry
something appropriate to your age
and circumstances

"nothing too much"
written in groups of three
(partly to demonstrate its status as "poetry"
and partly in reference to the great Italian, Dante,
vwhose rhyme scheme will not, however, be

a slow, "wise," thoughful medium
which does not seek to shock by language
content or any other means

a steady
of poetry

-is not exactly what we wish for here
(Violence, said the film director, I'm against violence!
But did you expect me to make a dull movie?)

a slow  ,                                  dull  ,


verse     (bleah)

--After an experience imagining himself to be a FLY moving around in a room,
Tobey was able to develop a kind of multiple space, a personal version of
cubism, in which the viewer has no fixed perspective, but finds that his eyes
wander through the painting as though viewing a three-dimensional object from
many angles. . . 'I have sought to make my painting 'whole' but to attain
this I have used a whirling mass.  I take up no definite position. Maybe this
explains someones's remark while looking at one of my paintings:

                                    'Where is the center?' "

"You are as a dead thing living...
O! remain not by the fountain of Human Sorrow;
The joy others seek, are not for you.
Return! Return! unto the worlds from whence you came!"

language like Yeats' --fin de siecle  (but it is fin de siecle again)
death-longing--death as the erotic--
v"delight becomes death-longing if all longing else be vain"--
Return to what? To nothingness? But perhaps for Tobey it is a return to
Magnificiant paintings:  "Where is the center?"
How does one deal with the death of a child?
The mind which circles in "multiple space," longing, centerless, returns to
that black hole ("as though viewing a three-dimensional object from many
angles") returns with a deadening fierce oppressiveness (how does one get it?
 how does one get beyond it?)  
  "O! remain not by the fountain of Human Sorrow; / "Return! Return!"      
  "All human beings are responsible to each other and the lack of this
consciousness creates within communities restrictions and differences, for
which the community as a whole pays the price of less expansion.  Society as
a whole has shut the door to the artist and creative person because they have
individually and collectively shut the door to their own creative sides.
 Feeling people are too difficult and demand too much individual thought and
time for the routine of their factual existence.  When people of any
community learn that art may become a functional part of their life they will
find more life and not only that but a new eye and a new ear--and the artist
will step down from his ivory tower only too glad to become a part of the
whole again and both will come to see these and similar activities as
manifestations of   


PERIODS by Ken Harris

Saw through limbics snap back. Rake tangent to eyed cumber. The stopwatch
stops the watchdo. Feeds back handed bites foreground. Canna lilly meticulous
violets encode. May be the question. Not this rhomboid, not that rhombus.
Goaded bullish on aridiity pits. Remove previous comma. Absence coring torus.
Void Abcissa the X invariably ruled. For recessive narrative ligin,
sustaining through W, enter mulch. Shrubs, eight dynamics clove hitch for
bright ends otherwise. Parachronisticly bruits incite. Monkeys dorsal. For
bran colons list. Any of several skin diseases characterized by papular
eruptions. A certain capriccio, patulous in the antinodes, overting clunch.
Transhumancing swidden, the 69th parallel 86ed abyss. A green manure
Buckwheat's pancakes exploit. Reading's writing's fungal etude. Caught
origins improvise. Trad itch on all scratch forth. Torn page revealing mortal
fiber. Knot knot you knit whose ear into it. Through the point, Cessoid's
shaping sphere's. To speak of healing drums use all colors of hands. Hydrogen
from black holes of fulvous viola. A bluff clangorous piece comprised of
ambient sounds oddly in terms of axial relations to the lattice. breading
ribosomal fuselages. proteins elastic. not the yeast of rumors helices.
gurging fungoid from the dispause. annular on cantilevers. inflecting
enflanged diodes. etheric as acicular. nacelling sepals avian tusks. not this
rhomboid not that rhombus. inclining to luminous jaguar. in
pentamerous broach montages. sonargrammars' quincunx eye. on watermind of
body's papyrus. occasions of its tremblings running gamuts of the mantic
stones. behind chronic porcelain dadta. along caesuras' selvage. in gaps amid
paradigms. in spore addict ensemble. through pallors of paralinguistic cues.
labials' scrotums flaring browse. ideas of things virtual winze. comeuppance
as anything onion. oranges' leathers bleed.
(CHROMATIC STUDIES) by Jack Shadoian


          blue hats

129c. TAN HATS

         tan hats
         the turnstiles--
         tokens ready


130a. TAN HATS

          tan hats


132.   seagulls, absent ...

26.    he reads Flair,
         removing the cellophane,
         the price tag

26a.  he removes the cellophanne,
         the price tage
         over the tits

         he removes 
         the tits,
              price tag,

26e.  between innings,
        he mutilates himself

133. Bellhops,
        and their shapeluy hips

134. hop ship like
        unhappy rats.


        with the sharp edge,
        he mutilates himself

135a. ...the price tag
         of admission

TWO PIECES by Greg Evason


a frog of dead ducks smiling in hot 
pursuit of gangs of men switching back
& forth across the willow's patch in
frequent toys. you place your face next
to the small shavings of paranoia in
a dearded displacement.


our fear
is broken
by webs
of dead spiders
& we are floating
toward the end 
of milk.


NEGATION, 2 by Hank Lazer

brought back from
then again

torrential could be thought of
hazard a

last but not
in retrospect

fell out with

insiduous intent
never having courted
denial don't


not about to reveal
on the other hand
tough and tiff aren't

originally a member of
exactly as

around about
thermal inversion

since thinking is
honk if hue
not exactly what

held up pending


kin and kind must be kept within
sensitive to

closed quote
leaped out of
as the first greek thinkers


destitute of
earnest about
sorry about
thinking of
really what was meant was
unctious (unconscious)
turn the other
on the outs
none of


This ends The Experioddicist #2, electronic. #3 to appear in a few weeks.