THE EXPERIODDICIST 14 October 10, 1996

Contributors: Malok, John Landry, Amy Trussell, Michael Basinski, William Marsh. Chris Mansel, Jennifer Connolly, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Ivan Arg=FCelles, Jack Foley
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     Yesterday I wore my last strapless symbolic mass-death, pleasure
pointy! The burden of famous pool owners is making you sick? How about a
mind over shadowed by its function!? Fifty-three Apocalypse Crabs for
the ordered German robot-soldiers, I say. Eric stood at the outer edge
of the Ping Ion Field and spat at all sober-minded Christians(Ralph Reed
rapes 4-year old boys). Don't read this at McDonalds! How boldly to
induce God to their darkest joy=8Afull color absurd degeneration. Cancer
does it all! Waiting in bed for instant stress-feel the easy potato,
easy terms? Robots are coming! Robots are coming! Evolution is red wine
on Monday and eith babies on Thursday. I refuse obdurate war-sex! I
refuse to die and go to a Right-Wing heaven! I refuse all computers made
in Denmark! I refuse to wipe Greasy Granny's rectal cleft! All pretty
girls wear white boots! I find the galaxy to be organic. Tweak my nips!
So, we scream together and crush the reflection. Make my grave less
mellow and as Martian Seas grind the Lore enacted into fossilized germs! =


 John Landry

as it turned out
there were not
  more fish in the sea
Georges Bank overdrawn
none innocent of an appetite
bordering ichthycide

everything that's wrapped around the secret
core we are the manifestering belief in

  the tools & techniques [all evasive action fails]
              [the determination of the state]

  the exploratory surgeries continue
           [the riddle we are is its answer us]

 monks are growing ostriches in Georgia

  3 bent stems
     (some brown
            some green
              some flowering)

  the collision of their separate angles dances
       [in the end what's in us eats us]

like the open ocean
could not be interred

nature remains


54/dollared larder

skin's only suits missed shots hit where

scene means more than skin

bears front first then, trimmed

mean as Newt's judgment on our sins,

are bare foiled bald prim

wins one next corner queen

bare ass sophists with gym

sheen spigots cocked would pin,

rim to third nerve, tear

any stem green       grin finished last

55/damned madam

Rough as sex gets it's no defense.

Sex can't stream enough for

rough needs.  Matricide is matricide

for ever, brooks no denial or defense.

Sex settles sex enough for

rough desires that make matricide

defense -- not for offense: for

defense -- turned matricide.       Sex got rough.

   Amy Trussell
Not an ordinary match
but a fusee- a friction
match with a large head
capable of burning in the wind

That he lit on his zipper
when he was 22
the wind she blew in a circle
could not be extinguished

A girl stood at the stove window
pregnant and stirring
of satyr's beard

"Green man" she whispered
"light a candle next to my ear
so I can taste your voice
sail down the canal"

At 30 the burning leaves
fell out of his mouth
when they wrapped the baby
in bolts of red

a leaf of comfrey
veiled her lips
she nailed him with her body
against the tree

tongue poisoned he bolted
and angled towards the tracks
her milk let down achingly
she iced herself to stop it

On a jumped train
he laid supine in a boxcar
tunneling the hill's flank
with a scream and a flask

Where 2 paths cross
looked up at the heavens
and saw it coming
air drop of swiss miss & kerosene

The fall plunged out of the tundra
and he brought a fyke to ice holes
lowered a rabbit into wine
and listened to it hiss

And what the hell good
is a banged up chest
and all this pissing
in the wind?

The moon's goat butts you
on the head
and its milk tastes of
last year's drought

the waiting
for the phosphor fish
to come leaping from
the inky well

       Amy Trussell

for Andrew Meshces


T v v O  FigsurYnes

 Michael Basinski

       Ur  meeem  Fig
      rines  a    Ur
         ed  m  L eVe    le
     Bee   Bes  S       LA L
  Ruz  D         Leepsp P
  zoZ hipS   R    Lips   S
         S   e    Lend
      SU r   n    D Ur
       en    der     Wig
     WM             worn
      Aur  eav   r        Ing
         Sh ur  sert       O
          ShThigh        sA
    Tattle    TemBpell    S
    tittle toe  A          I
           ToOs          S
   LimbsLoose           S              
        Lips          sinks

      CO            Sit
      v v  W        es
      O out         it
         E       Oe 
         y  S   M
      OW        W      
     PA   S     shoWhS
   I   O        e  SOh
     VV CPW        NN
    scruu N       DIsSe
    S  W  T        K  S
    s   Trungs caR
    Bee      c Bs
     L   ds      A
    O T   sNec    Bee
     U   LACeO    WIVES
    os    Ses       Aces
    WS       eleVven

   William Marsh


High on idiocy
who shoulders the fruit
driven body -- utterly
once in time, little
man big man.  The grid

offends the pulpit, high
above idiocy, & winters
bear no fruit, but salt
the underside -- vanish
among mood-swings.

Smaller woods
decide heart-break;
who shapes the clutter
calls the shot, more beads
wiggle through the comb.

Late heavens, odd
as icicles -- cuddle under
fruit truck, diaspore.


Doubled -- & where luck summers,
flung, in hoops of casuistry.
Incident loves us to gold
gummy sunsets, & all over
gardens topple; even the song

of averages wanes, dose
after dose.  The west
now colossal vending,
a time delighting; from all
kettles, hordes of odors.

Don't go before, unearthed
the eighth rainbow
quickens, drums, all bottle
ribboned into flash while the great
sea deadens, light as fire.

So night the day's
audacious wily eye
pressed open, nullifies.


The valley pains, so opens
the mountain -- witnesses, green
as gunshot, recall dizziness
spots early in dilation;
hesitation is the art

of enchantment.  On separate
slopes, the animal
in dichotomy, who are you
to be otherwise agent
of recovery -- grass hastily

needles in a background.
All the spring springs once
mountain once animal,
devours from a graceful
planet, split above blue.

Tease & temperature, roll
in the field, & hands
invading thru winds, choruses.


   chris mansel

 The darker nature of my soul sleeps in your fear of me. The stillborn
wall of acceleration absorbs the burning of the bruises. Abstaining from
the withdrawl of the milk corpse the ritual of mouthwashing sends shards
of naivete into an alley of overcast skies. Boiled bilious skin shrunken
in the beggary of slave healing caresses my appetite as I surround you
enflamed. Your extremities laid out before me I am the hallucination you
recall as birth.

   Jennifer Connolly

We start deep to woods with the body,
its limb snap hedges preened, now sexless.
An ad hoc ministry to follow boughs,
their heads dropping snowpacks.

We start a vision of us exhausted from travel
where an escalated dwelling complex
is cut into earthmount like Egyptian tomb,
but all the inhabitants long fled
boding tremors, or scales of gas, or godsped/crossed demise.
We climb from another age, up the harnasses stone face
to look.  Inside;hordes
rank, defiling wings.

We start dreaming a boardgame
with the end to discover you hiding;
it's time for roast dinner, and everyone else is
waiting, hungry with their culling knives.
I call and call, climbing stairs in a castle
to near top, where the light tinkles downwards.
There, against the watch window, is not you smiling
but your rattle-ghost fucking an interior.


   John M. Bennett

game convectiion lean the sculls against each game
impacted froth my sculling quest your dictionair
inaction forth in quest of diction clatter marbles
in your underwear no matter marvel shorted pails your
mat runs sun mouthy pale whictle gummy print gums
up the street your nostril wristed sapp my spraying

crinoidal warning cake fermenting in the crinoid
warning sink clabber broom enlargement drinks
your clobbered hose and lacey spills some broomy
slinking gassed the gravel clocking in the gas
disposal garbage clock clad nudely off your gravel
tress and timely garbage stage your tress's sting
nooned flake

mocks invention bray the catfood aisle invention
snotty wall you brayed upon from testing flute
condition isle solution ("stammer" stammer catfood
consummation for your rising arm fluted list of
toilet tissue waters staking arm ("steak") revomits
moon or tissue "locks" clamp  )foam  ))halt  )er


UNTITLED PIECE in progress

Jim Leftwich

begin with the wire hat rolodex syzygy buzzsaw unravels in a cislunar
whorl the livid goblins love invented before idle elegance the hadal
groves of the hyacinth the body as a geriatric gulf which vacillates
between an isolated bevel and a simple glint film of the fictional
boomerang dawn enters the affordable gift of hope an incense of grief
soiled in a cove of wounds bubbles of the remix given vanity is a job
violence in the gabled headquarters of god where the beef void guzzle
miraculous halogen giraffe the argyle integers are in bloom a nose for
the vagrancy of eaten wafers snooze worries the bovine zig augments body
a glutinous unguent begin with the nineveh zygote blowdryer lap paid
cerebral frees the magazine exhale the hologram in a muddle of icarus
nozzles jinx sestina boulevard of the trilobytes yucca circa genuine
axiom begin moving sideways in a cyanide window token broomstick viscera
vision of the gizzard hospice hotel golem luxuriant in a bhagavad gita
of cobra blossoms actual gutter zinfandel fountains of virulent sand
ooze spandex boyhood whispers suburban tune-up guzzle glean of drizzles
so begin inherent in juvenile soy irreverent bone patrol doxology
international house of ridiculous roadmaps speedbump noctilucal as a
winnowed hilton baseball as querulous as youth to me adlib the gibberish
of the godhead your body free vulcan zigzags of crepuscular buzzard jazz
kind hertz wagered in the godforsaken hilem of the underbelly driven
rope sleep black penny bomb broken by the good mirrored goggles wink
begin in the kilometer quarterback roadhouse yes sex once greedy as
force kiln milligram zapatista lingam holy rheostat watchtower valhalla
horn cone manager jukebox video kilobyte dravidian waxpaper uterus
before the dj ziggurat golden verb was vacation of the quagmire why
weave the kinship vacant jam embittered with visigoth cyme under the
exotic doorway where the irreverent rose sobs wonder and the varicose
gems of civilization geld the magnets haze begin in the erotic bloodbath
of the body where the principles of an adjacent heaven are a given in
the room of language boson fjords python gizmos withered in the bowl of
waxen skies bop scry bibles built of ghost pajamas bomb migraines gilded
with the newness of an x-ray words undermined by an iridescent jello the
vitamin quorum lizard juice camera wobble gathas guitar intentions begin
in the bayou awning wing miles of ignited wine quark visions enhanced by
recalcitrant cinnabar minds rolled in the jism of the void the heavenly
love of subhuman ugliness yes without judgement wrapped in the siblings
of urge
*****     ****
against the fictional kabob a thecal language quince tension against the
governor your bozo showboat hectatomb mulled ungainly in dirt hiatus
volume beneath inverted azimuth knife mask impotence hero safe between
the extremes of juvenile sadness and the fizz of excitable quintessence
growl called teeth in vitamin loops sighs before the freedom of the urge
with one itinerant gonad evenly culled from a quilted gate given the
intense hiccup forms dinner of vehicular stubble ugly presbyterian
questions ground jugular bodhi wizard why was the gulag quip waxed
birthright in naught dilemma caged axe handle grapple bag of aegean
crags before the crinkled kiln against atlantic dependence and the
physical education of christ rumor hushed in an avalanche of diabolical
awe work against begats as quiz of artificial entelechy against the
plastic elevations of darkness and the coddled gas of dog heart ethereal
zen why unfit to eventuate a ribald cache of kundalini arduous jumpshot
pizza in nocturnal quietude of the camera paper baby waffles against the
juggernaut arcana yarrow quacks cabal of cobra baldness intuitions
salivate an entrance into awesome bullshit against quiescence culled
from a watery adjacence nibble tapeworm e-mail against the eaten dada
against eventual parkway kafkaesque insinuations of biafran aporias
dogwood gregorian catcalls jambalaya jouissance artificial mace cabala
country and western intelligence agricultural boardroom headgear against
the backroom olfactory luxury xenophobic genius ecstasy embodied in
tonal backslides venue excretions revenue bivalent tickle socks tofu
fumes luck rest in peace virginia against each formal equation each
gifthorse ziplock year youngblood zipper venereal debutante handmade
camphor dipstick against the methodology of temerity everted timidity
yahoo overtime against gat waitress firehose pixie nuzzle piety nice
hometown cock exuberance giddy christmas viaduct roots hardon deaths
effectual mudhra effigy against druid underwear firesign zappa
insurrection zany homunculus molotov abacus against quonset babel
happiness accumulated within falafel madness doorjamb butter agoraphobia
yesman quietly byline handshake squeeze suffer the butthole ages brewed
in a babylon of graceful bodies grecian wobble butane against kevorkian
chiasmus applied washroom actuality against each clock awareness

  mentally                what?
                        a visual effect
                        produced by the mind's thumb
                        as it carefully rotates
                        around the thought of ether
                        riding the light as it breathes
                        through "go in and out"
                        the mysterious sockets of space
     what grace!
     Who did you say it was brother,
     who was it fell by the way?
Jack Foley

goodbye fame
                 I've had you
goodbye nice times
            & cool evenings
                  I've had you
I've been the one
I was there
and goodbye love
            wow I've had you
goodbye goodbye
hot breath under my skirt
goodbye breath
goodbye pulse
     left          breast
     right         breast
                        "you're just a piece of meat"
goodbye joe goodbye arthur goodbye yves
goodbye jfk
goodbye rfk
goodbye fidel
goodbye moviesgoodbye film
goodbye alcohol
goodbye cigarettes
goodbye gardenias
goodbye jazz
goodbye wet thighs
goodbye tongue
goodbye nice blonde hair
goodbye glamor puss
goodbye sex kitten
goodbye tv
goodbye dogs
goodbye sex
goodbye mom
I'm outta here
I'm not here anymore
goodbye method acting
goodbye architecture
goodbye jayne mansfield
goodbye fish
            and pasta
goodbye bras
goodbye tears
goodbye daddy
      "the line"
goodbye lines
I'm nobody
I'm out (stee-rike thuh-ree!)
goodbye goodbye
      I'm not it
            not anywhere
      the future
      (whatever future I had)
goodbye old age
goodbye drunkenness
goodbye anna karenina & molly bloom goodbye james joyce
goodbye birds
goodbye luck
I don't care
goodbye abstract nouns
hello god
goodbye hate
goodbye garbage
It's done
I'm not
goodbye Not
goodbye (bastards) I've had you
goodbye (shits) I've had you
goodbye (cocksucking shitheads)
goodbye (pricks)
goodbye producers directors
goodbye "it was like kissing Hitler"
goodbye fuck it all
goodbye goodness
goodbye amphetamines
goodbye sleeping pills
hello god
I'm nothing
I'm over
I'm out
goodbye Grauman's Chinese Theater
goodbye The Bomb
goodbye jane russell
goodbye big tits
goodbye everything
goodbye wheaties
goodbye dance numbers
      cursed luck of the middle classes
      you one-eyed bastards who made me cry
      agents (wow I've had you)
      sweetness at the end of everything
      baby I never had
      my body
      all natural functions (including pissing,shitting bleeding and
       I've had you