Juxta/Electronic #6


EDITORS: Ken Harris, Jim Leftwich CONTRIBUTORS: Lainie Duro, b. thales, Jake Berry, Ivan Arguelles, Jessica Freeman, Thomas Lowe Taylor, Matt Hill, John M. Bennett, Scott MacLeod, Scott Thurston, Amy Trussell ************************************** Matt Hill Plectrum Override From her distant poise is my resolve derived. By the flank of desire's vertigo does she come through the telepathic turnstile, not merely as wishfulness for proximity but as gravity's tug. A lithe nuance so gravid with passage - a yearn to marathon your night country. Something more than thermal breakdown awaits us in the pleasure crucible: a folded rose stirs, the smolder of undulant hips, eros in full on flamage. Your distant blood ecstasy is now upon my tongue. ************************* Matt Hill At China Grade In the folded wings of evening this living makes me in trenchant endeavor quite uncertain as night falls through the gypsy crack of scalloped skyline. The strict vocabularies of nature the bewitchments of moving water poise a challenge at the precipice of action while a distant thunder music rises through the chaparral. A bonewhistle through the boughs, the night wind is a gaelic flute, haunting tones coupling as Orion's shoulder now comes between us. Will the elliptic light of other beings now be found in the riches of twilight, with tales of the west wind silently poised in the embered night? Now, as aloneness takes me in her arms under a lash of broken moon the inexorability of urgent water meeting glyphic rock is acknowledged. ************************* Thomas Lowe Taylor DAILY LOG De 24.95 ...who controls language controls control.... I At season, light and death and birth and darkeness leaven into permanent markers on the other side of this, nor imperfect hours reckon their own destiny in regard the pain & pleasure of what follows choice upon choice we make. This is the hour of which we spoke, as yet uncertain of effect & censor from the pool within. We rule. No doubt the other centers lie ahead within their own particulars made certain by the doubts which gave them rise at all. Stern capacity at the empty lords, no dismay at their dismissal. Newer signs to follow the hours upward and from denial cast our particular realm a liberation of the soul from its mass, nor irony laden, hard upon this morning's vision of her. What stays hidden near the clear vinyl of the heart is purpose, indistinct in mellowing forward beacons lean you on and on into the howling mists of nothing at all in pursuit and calling out to follow on word & song the purer spirit. This would be the moment when the heart melts with its anchors, flying free at last from the bounty of its disregard in the history of wasted hours their own reward reaped & simpler throne & gong your own term preceding light. You held the hour in my weakness sprung aside & melting pot of the world's inarticulate substances made into flesh and sung alert by the dream's significance & stain. II My dick. ...wholly-owned subsidiary of the body's time in the rise and fall of nations, their story a mute parallel with the style of your dreaming synchronous mysteries interacting with the actual day-to-day of seeming... ...and The Beloved wants to sit on my face. My luck. ************************* Jake Berry from PhasEoStrophes 3, Illumined Strata 27 Enough sequencing postures terminus between cinema and ratkill. Pneumatic tubes are a gathering probe into dialectic consumption. Vulture weight drives a turgid penance toward cities of refuge in an electron scattering mask. Mendicants retain albumen fervishly, sounding large glands after the florentine directive. Lame seedings grace. 28 Obscure skeletons crowd gulag mind. Sequestered through matron plow, crossing the Rhine like a reflex disease. Earlier tygers built skull cabins and froze miasma for sacral atmospheres in canisters wired for broadcast. Sleepily then, proud beyond ethics, merchants drove the nature of fever through commodified doctrine that swam in the bowels of featureless drones. Trees bear the shape of intention by accident, assuming humor leeches pale continents from ice. Coccyx gating. ************************* Amy Trussell Cyn's Mouth Nepenthe for a broken wishbone. Score and bruise two love-in-a-mist pods place in heated mailbox with: a wax rose a palm a hawk's wishbone. Beneath the mailbox place a barrel of rain Let the candle seep out of the dorla The shapes that form in water are your answers Mailman will scrape the remains off the road and the black box. To test for disintegration drop 36 (one for each year of life) letters etched on virgin parchment into the creek bed we are always falling off like lambs on a spit Hestia smokes a mirror of buds in the background The wolf-bitch gives birth effortlessly while the male wolf rolls in a painful couvade Now her pelt is curing in the smokehouse parfleche of the moon stretcher for the sun To reinvent mathematics: Steep yourself in salt and mugwort (artemesia vulgarus) wait to bleed on a new moon count in reverse to when you met. Cure for arthritis: Pick stinging nettles with no gloves (they wee at water's edge) let juice scald the skin then throw your hands into the waterfall's mouth rain backs up behind the ducts the house floods You can scale a cliff face with a knife, a rope, or a chant. To start a french braid or knot-magic remove bats from boar bristles and brush hair To taste the sweet oil of language: place seasoned tongue in Cyn's mouth and close your eyes cautionary note- a spider, she's certain the center of the universe is where ever she starts a web The trip up the mizzenmast is delirium baffling like a sylph in the night's sifting glitter then the fog of morning (don't seethe ) The kid is falling into clabbered milk* (*Refers to Orphic initiation phrase, "I, a kid, have fallen into my mother's milk." -Barbara G. Walker, THE WOMEN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS, Harper & Row, 1983) Lainie Duro After Into this web of life We weave worlds words of spun silver dripped delicate as lace from iced tongues numbed by luxury The price of ignorance The reward for remaining such For beyond is freedom and with it chaos looms as an ominous indictment of truth-- A black widow fangs welling venom poised to strike at first sign of honesty ************************* Ivan Arguelles WRITTEN IN THE MOUNTAIN OF SLEEP three red geese flying backwards my heart is a block of ice with you in the center sun of black intelligence white cartouche of memory dissolving evening in the buddha mind one-note music of dew my page is covered with sand withered ash-plant in the wind surely the gate will rust falling at your finger's touch who said love is a river of no return? this leaf is an echo of green your eyes have gone to heaven your hands have shaped eternity when will such a summer be again? for sarah ************************* Scott MacLeod THAT SCIENCE large numbers of problems simultaneously. present and future damage in the finite world there are other desirable characteristics with precision. would surrender around...strange things. gone to observe, or computed? voodoo, narco-synthesis, the indian rope-trick, we've been a little hard on demons. we need a survival. that can be computed (he didn't say until) all fell inside this too wild stuff, hypnotism, he will forget he has been told, wouldn't stay quite dead. out of orbit again and without tools. evil is native. did not enter into the original but it serves in this place. something he had not been able to do before. no recollection. what is the source of this enchantment? into the scrap heap, for purposes of our solution, many false starts, needle-in-the- Roman Omen. wits kick out, then the body remembers and I took it back to it. someday the word will either be gone or "everybody knew that." clumsy, complex, poorly built thing an absolute master. compare it to itself. more or less. if we can show that it is done. (short of surgery, not violated) never to be, under circumstances, wrong. (dogs will be dogs) and widespread and the analyzer - hm-m-m. further research tended to indicate that the answer might be contained in the term "determinism." his solutions fell off rapidly an enforced wrong datum? (prime villain in aberration) thoroughly ransacked, the last occlude or falsify it should go right on surrendering, probably absent, a very sharp pain in the area of the old break, the way it behaves, as long as it could help it and without much relief, very very alert, a wide power of choice, an ache in the knee. ....... well. that's structure. or it worked too well. emotion, physical pain and every audio of dog growl and passing car, something mama had tucked away weary, ill, sleepy - which can be "remembered." his insanity, his wars, his unhappiness as a mildly amusing joke. indelible and inherent, all in proper sound and color, de-intensified. lay down or take up, succumb to it, antipathy to corpses. not even know about. all we want to do is what they do. the body, suddenly. that explains everything an unconscious period containing physical pain. the full drama, over and over the road was full of stones enough to keep me busy forever. utterly weird. the child is sometimes furious, no explanation fully dramatized. the impotence, this and that, now worked out after a sloppy fashion, opposed to command, and then will surge back how about schizophrenia for instance? people get caught in various places action with the very stuff with assurance, fully and retained, without straying. the road to nowhere. # ************************* Jessica Freeman HALVES YET TANGO Now scarlet ocotillo clusters Philistine remnant rod lo! And a chief priest sayest rind It will be remembered handed Down midday'll further Society's Aim hence trigonometrical foodstuffs Power laxity over gainst white Frame ruin ray-trance Q @ N Q=r Incommunicable things now marry Sea's blue serge kinship to Bind fictive cordage borders pass tribe O Judah unto Caleb son of Jephunneh city of David lo! garlicky tenderloin generation'll triumph mighty It'll be member'd opiate Enkephalin trails Snow no longer pink: ripe avocado halves yet tango Jessica Freeman No bread no water Devilish massacres glower October The lines are dead resolution Cut from updated software's nook 0.01 second intervals or toil fruit Will they yet impound Greek wines? Wine, the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages quoth frenzi'd Louis Pasteur Moot southern court debates partially Digested food avgolemono soup OPA! Spanakopita houmous tahini leg O lamb Gyros eggplant paputsakia feta olives Party trays available as fertilizer imprison imprison imprison there is no man in the family imprison imprison imprison there is no man in limb stump today largely due to old men on the strength of a Promise on fetid air's good-bye free to leave Plummeting ally//policy violence first, recognize Vietnam, impersonate A Big Easy cop, rob October 1943 Inner-party directive It is wrong to have a handful of Mao government functionaries busying Mao themselves with collecting grain Mao and taxes, funds and food supplies, to the neglect trace salts free noria. ************************* Matt Hill Juxtaria Truncate Sonic vision precedes acoustic disturbance in pieces of surreal discharge a transducer of embarking wind across the torn horizon of offset morning A protocol of great circles ruled by the hypotenuse of perhaps master patterns emerge in fragments of big picture spume music X thematics of eternity's pump oiled murmurs embalmed in sun rock wind does space occupy itself? across the resonating thresholds, shape happens ************************* Ivan Arguelles ECSTASY AND MIMESIS to take as a sign the standing outside of memory the errant fix in the statue of eros gleaned in a prostrate july with no lingering city by which the compass futures gold and entelechy what is white in reason is strife that to suffer indignation of the gods is healing a witness to wounding and keys the air puffs of cloud changing into darker vessels to keep the arms at bay by risking the past holding candles to danger but only a menace the fierce parrot of oriental language strangled that fills heaven with this portent must move on in the labyrinth dance trying to remember the meanings of certain words the unwritten text becoming more frayed with each decade "you never listen to me" the brain's educated centaur pausing to die while the mountain-walking of the immortals goes on the coded hoof and the minuet of desire and nothing accidental in the tragedy's weft to spaces beyond ken an illusion of birds travelling in the phonetics of cuneiform notches and wedges that imply a sexual treason while the mummers celebrate a todentanz with verses from euripides hawked into lax german these leather gloves this lip gloss this haunting in that black glass I look forward into the ocean's opaque revery let a hero be immolated here let clytemnestra share with robespierre the fear torturing whom with what monologue interieur of rimbaud Zietgeist to achieve the fence of experience and to fall from it the late climax of agonizing revolution enduring age to scrutinize more carefully death whose contours and alchemy always allure "La Deraisonnee" I know her! ************************* Lainie Duro Phantom Limb I want to dye my hair Black and embrace death. Or some such any such solemn spirituality. My life, so full of habit So lacking in ritual. I am too connected with the ground And cannot reach Be reached I have metamorphosed into something so solid I cannot be touched. They look anyway And fear what is so close as to be assimilated into theirs But so distant as to never care Like a limb that exists even after it has been amputated Or maybe One that feels non-existent even though it is there and usable. ************************* Jake Berry from PhasEoStrophes 3, Illumined Strata 32 He'd begun to notice peculiar behavior in the elements of his environment. The windows seemed slightly warper toward the oval as if they'd begun a metamorphosis. The carpet buckled and growled, snapped at his ankles, mouths with large broken teeth emerging from the fabric. What is the precise ritual of a screen door tied to the trunk of an oak tree? How do you measure its velocity against druid legend? Where the seams work loose small two headed moles appear. Bound to the reactor's logic. I supplicate the pure ovum of dream. Towering ovipositor machines in the gobi desert, visible only in a cloudless midsummer dawn. As mouth can shape the 10,000 moans, brought from the hanger covered with beetles and fireflies buried in dread. 33 "There is entirely too much structure in this house," he said. And with that began to tear at the windows with his bare hands until they were bleeding. How much order should one tolerate before wrecking the temple? Blonde in half-moon neon hotel sign. Shattered by the crocodile and egg mytholinear hypothesis. A lake gathering pebbles unwinds a blissful turbulence. Foster noting, cyclic vacancy... An origin waiting for branching tongues in static. 34 Sick of the black current and the fear that feeds it, I scatter the moons of ashes in a fetid rain. We have finished the doctrine at last, logos in chains, turned the dogs on their own -- Jezebel's window seat. Impossible delays in genetic serum account for the increasing role of deviance as scapegoat in the disinformation racket. Blown from the dugs of a steel-bodied crone, the young feed on a bitstream of gratuitous obfuscation. Commodity is a waste dispersal system. Or enchanted to reveal a pit of the secular ape. At home with electrodes bone deep screaming carnivorous commands -- anxiety's gray security. Largess of the fractured corpse. ************************* b. thales from .02 program 1 resistible compote laconic choirmaster artistry swingy funeral screechy hyphenate inflexible salary seen verdict communion expertise legerdemain proline stood novice transliterate duffel fungal sophisticate Sumeria hydrogen welsh aspidistra threadbare teratogenic potbelly embower rump baseplate draftsperson fluoresce lob tomatoes cherish healthful mailbox submitted lee limb anatomic siskin clamber joggle portrait trick stature crumble pigeonberry encore emerge lengthly taffy mutandis first perversion fatten alluvial compote hobo mince knuckle dysprosium exhibit hereunder persistent deductible complicity compulsory riddle summand brisk radius pinnate perk representative find ************************* Scott Thurston brain sketches. (infinite storage) 1 but there are different sorts of lines lines that slope up gently level out drop off expand lines that go up straight lines that go down straight lines on a scale between and beyond 2 walking a track that absorbs the language of surrounding cells point to past and future line ** if I could wander a system of streaked imperatives marked over landings space soaked derivatives could I call a loss to become excising a transcended potential becomes nubile queen equals added extra free is not free ** traced longings provide an area of assistance and an approach of belonging the lines damage the glow delimitations lie that line next to this glow forms a sunset image moving into that break off a piece space of walked over paths gasp wax mark of passing ** becoming unto actuality transcended that death-space who pooled an extraction of extra makedness all over above ** trapped conspiracies reek of appalling motion who wants who looks begins the challenge attempting to begin belong over ************************* John M. Bennett CRUST where hole, I could snorkle failing flake of fam- wished I could laid down cold 'n bloody ramped (some jars were passing (combed hair bees)) oh yes I slept among the legs and last estimated ("honor scars") scabs of nightly sky sky handle dripping you was tape relay to trip "among the legs" slow wetly breeding in your hair ajar so slightly breeze "upon the gore" retention racket slimy ramp those giggling flakes the presentation snorkled in your belly curl where Lainie Duro Staring at walls, picturing collapse a sign leads to nowhere the door opens into nothing From where did this yearning beginning To whom do I credit desire blood craving Finch screams you cage from mellow roots and small beginnings leaving only a turtle-doved-neck with weeks worth of bruising Garbled soul-gone bureaucrat For nothing Turn a tie A trick to try dig another ditch/grave vamping eternal unto this immortal flesh *************************