Editors:  Ken Harris, Jim Leftwich
Contributors:  Jake Berry, Jeffrey Little, Chris Daniels, Karoline Wileczek,
Alan Smith, Steve Carll, George Albon, John M. Bennett, Sheila E. Murphy, Eel
Leonard, John Noto, Jim Leftwich, J. S. Murnet, Richard Kostelanetz, Stacey
Sollfrey, C. Mehrl Bennett


Jake Berry / Jeffrey Little


where zoot lovelies legged yellow
& happy carved propulsive pale
carbonate dairy freight
an udder rigged anthracite
the grocer manible quilt
logging in jettisoned
tinsel glib soma maverick

asphalt pudding banjo healer
abandoned distilled anchorite
eternal rigamorole a tassled
rancher mambo expo mayhem
eardrum euphony sordid and fueling
cadillac heat death butter harlotries
to princess is quail

knocked pawned
if propped weeds into spoons
meltdown lure spelunked
truss march the parabola
diabolical bending
dogged the flint
trance coop train measures

boughs onions &
to lichen kitchen
whose treasures splinters
chords liquid
stapled goddess
furnace the suppository
salvaged by assassins

arbitrary inn glass nomad
carpentry told boeing
grin lately serendipity hallows
blankets circling black
calumbria brought fragmenting claymore
teutonic asylums
smacked crawl devas

diddling apocalypse
lichen belt & obscene
recoil turns inca
halcyon krypton
albumen barks of egress
riot fog
itching transplanted

bin tango coughing
for jacinto flamenco taken
molten w/out sash
in coiled discourse capistrano
bowery a bootlick
a net of shun
boats willowing i stumbled

& chowder awkward pimento
protuberant vixen pierce gland
burst spawned to
dither her breast
clouds rising moan
mavens when sawhorse
cornea murking

blue moaning microwave
cattle wielding
arbro chowder 
meggido hammer
quicker crenulations dream today
cellular anima terse grove
mugs & toxins cat tactics

cascade out straps
a beetle mohawk
visage in ivy
jackal concur
dosed lapped
dapper pool please
queen another columbus

is biblical pure bait
long if turn to
outlaw fruit
galactic quail
fissures triangles of 
random local 
flank made

sot avarice 
empty features
inside in he
yanks flags unfurled
riot cat tactics
in coiled discourse clouds rising
blankets circling cellular anima




Where the hats in the lake churn
Bustles, ornamental flagship verbs pry open
The shirt of lust, where the bags burn scuttlebut as
Beautiful as performated syntax under the big
loose sleep.  Oh where the flags in the moat
Sift down temperate little nosegays bent in the direction
Justice brays, where the blue legs list in a boat
Redundant as doilies although grimed and anchored
Where the lists tatter and the walls
Gleam various simpatico arrangements much like voice
Like ear-rings scraping a cheek where the
Padlock sank beneath the rodeo of sanctifying posies
Posing to be be
(Where the ropes in the wake-slop fray...)




They sleep mist opened under waves tanks
simmered molten spoons her start
as folds unfurl or cool our tidal rites 
compel snored stones milk in sleeves 
fuzz pearled in ancient tidal skin our
golden blort rock sand slickens (sneeze
grieves soul moiled, abort or slough)
dressed siltish thigh pool combed moon
lists dissolve, her




buxom pectate)) Ohio-throbbed "dismemberment", my
yellowed deaf leg cloaked your bud ("full-bodied")
toilet refugees' shank odor oh my floppy dog pork
barely wriggling (drained cervix breaking everwet
the, plasma STROKE or thankless Aztec delectation
("distemper") graves:  basilica leaden sore dropped
doctor shacking restless Portuguese (odd meter)
endorphin bloods the "vegetarian" bet, your medical
indiscretion (osteopaths or oleo telephone (sucker


                                 and Jim Leftwich

The capsule drops:
"Hold your breath, then take a deep breath."

I'm swimming behind glass, a willing vessel
contained in its own self-reflection, a Chinese fan
burned on the Pagemaker,
                                            written in darkness -
a limpid, buoyant mage lapsed on riddled flecks of death:

The weathered message shimmers in starbirth's eidolon
as the past contrives a present diction
         by which to write the Caliph's epitaph:

My body is an airport sea of sounds, humours
and blurred boundaries
stretched over the ancestral map and cat-gut
cordoning the wave-machine:

My song is an ode to nomadic mutinies
boggled in the Kresh Knell trammeling
Rabelaisian throes at this very moment;

My country is that globe which bubbles
from molten lava flowing
down the side of Baudelaire's steaming heart,
held up for scrutiny by god in the robes

of Diana the Huntress,


Song's riddance my sensorium enfolds
like glycerine spinning in a glass,
a spiral witnessed in coils of enhanced light
on the star encephalogram,
                  the story of spirit-in-currency

Etched on the surface [gleams to surfaces],
where an atonal spectral codex marvels
the lingering clocks filter,
sun-discs resonant with exurb gridding;


Sanctorum burn molds in the walls
and securities rifled under bank doors
are research shock-murmurs on the e-space
register, return filled with relict psalms
and a quarry of igneous, free digits;

Transformations of the clonal landscape
as a codicil between rainbows at harvest
tied off with muscle-tubing:                gapped
          eyes lock through ring-encrusted fingers
softer than a world-by-numbers


I count on knuckle bones from clenched nothing
to dodecahedron, scry the palms facing
so that my present tense arrives before certain,
harvested ideas:
         how a ship should bound the seas,
relinquish false mythologies spilled
into the vernacular by 30-second ILIADS
and flush keypads

                    An erupt-dawn
       glass-bead game
               coupled to the moonlight
                    facial bones' caught gel,
intensifier in the hearth of a serpent's gnostic kiss,
words' knots kneaded to the holyname of commerce,
hexology windows growl,
             on the side of a barn
             scribbled with Jarry's runes:

Sanctorum          burn          relinquish          harvest

exurb          willing          Krush          NECROMICON

capsule          drops          erupt          songs

Kresh          knell          facial          blurred

weathered          message          lapsed          stitches

pellet          dissolves          Miracles          landscape

lingering          clocks          corpuscle          light

          return     filled     with      words     marvels


Retracing childhood's cage, the near-term idols
thought-quell cyanide with a stare,
          gasps                    made busy
for flexed blades' sidereal reptilian infancy,
split-brain splayed on the couch
          watching television unhinged
from the noosphere;

Invoking Islamic prayer, Von Nuemann, the Beastie Boys,
Gurdjieff and the NECROMICON,
I compel the world-on-a-stick
to back up the tubing
          let cool water
follow a city of red balloons
through blue capillaries;
corpuscle loosely

Whirling on a dime beside the glass dome,
crawled out from, left hollow, tool
described as a weary heart-chamber
vacuumed by Queen Mab out of dog bones and rag-skelions,
packed with spring bouquet, repackaged as a clam shell
          vibrant with improv;

Counting minutes as the pellet dissolves,
slow-motion has been par for the Course
in Miracles, trap-doors falling all around me
          (at the sound of the tone, spin
     and ticking, DROP!)

Color me gone in the Blue Chair like a Druid;
          Like a Camel?
                                   Ozymandias looks stone cold
dead-to-rights, but I can still blend in
with the scenery, erasures,
duct-tape on the Cheshire grin, holding court
strapped down, mighty



Steve Carll / George Albon


was:  flowers in bin,
a clash-like jangle just
others passing, their being
busy in your spectrum.

Sighting down a captured corridor or
a "merely" angling growth from myopia,
the turning face holds its quorum of aspects.

If you walk a red light, is
the transgression question
of speed or site?  Example of
pant leg pushed by the wind--
commission, enthusiasm, captivity.

This, then, is a late embrasure of motive
periphery:  how it stands with,
always just around and neatly
clipped by our limits.  The rounding of it.

People will wait:  an uncertain moment
in Tudor history.  Shaking a can
was indeed the recent symbol.
But ellipsis might relapse toward mere need.

A way in which sound is lofted across
and settles itself in a moment.
Hued to an opener position
and tremoring through foundation
to the closer corners we're propped against.

A bunch stood and collected
their mood, sign.  Motley cartoon,
passed over, lost in advance.  "You got
the blow?"  Miles Davis said that,

setting aside all nakedness and the lateness of hours.
It's our gathering's at hand, intangible wind
seen evidence of a "behind" to the season
you've peered at through glass, or glasses.

Then the neon came on, holidays
in summer...the lilac phase
had passed, blue deepening...we
could've gone, but we spaced..."we're the
light that fades."  Chet Baker said that,

pacing a phrase to follow up with starlight,
its lifted vault a liquid chirrup.
A displacement in ceiling is drawing out
the rootedness and murmur of speech.

Bulbs played.  Tires lowed on paving.



3 heads, floating

somehow planted bayside our cheek's gurgled brightly,
billowing, pillows burning in a bank, empty socks hanging
no feet marching toward a vat full of wine soaked toes in
love w/loving w/twinkies in the sun, our stumps remember
the molting season brewing the jam's disremembering & the
face of the otter ottering, here again by the bayside, bent




Invest!  In fasten-proof virtualities, no one perfectly
in evidence or innate ("nates" state flapping spoons
that zig to fiddle zags without once cent of foam
("form") (lags behind) staples dreaming in the air
duct of mercantile derangement in the flood mud of
tye master, lace combustion, corn pretax flavings,
jaundiced as old comradery paunches, bags of water
in the pockets larned and creered and middle net
appendices some vapor cream, walking through the
hose with gentian violet cleats perhaps assumptively
and noxious, singing root of flush storage boxes in a
window seat perhaps exhumed in one breath perhaps
resumed, or camels huffing peeled and halfway
charismatic I suppose or (tame, prismatic camper,
hill behind the heaving glass with passing levels of
panache and cordwood, scythes and such good steam,
corn master limpness ("beneath the seat") and
shellshocked little victuals repeat their own tining
(lipid glottis, flame) prow across the plate of Ives,
Poulenc and chatter boxing Madisonly thatch, er, iron,
grids clanged into chance small pies that tip and
nearly spill.




FORMAT                         SEWER
LIST                         FORGET
SHOPPING                         STORAGE
     SHOES                         GLOVES
FEMUR                         SHINBONE
     SORE                         MORE
   DENTS                         LUMPS
   RENT                         STEAL
       SNOOT                         SNOT
CONSTANT                         CLINGING
HARD                         HARDEST
LAP                         CLITORIS
       LINK                         SINK
   HORSING                         RIDICULE
       NEEDLE                         STAB
KNIT                         COMPLETE
     FORTH                         FIFTH


Jake Berry / Jeffrey Little


onions & assassins pawned to princess cascade out asylums, 
diabolical cat tactics in coiled discourse where zoot lovelies flank an
udder, itching cellular anima made legged yellow bending into
spoons, sordid & fueling awkward pimento avarice fog for jacinto.  i
stumbled quail, a tassled cornea jackal of shun, molten w/out
carpentry boats willowing features & chowder krypton dogged in
ivy fragmenting claymore fruit, dismal parading flumes whose
treasures concur: crenulations dream today triangles of capistrano. 
salvaged by random the flint kitchen inca bin tango, carbonate when
sawhorse, carved propulsive pale glass nomad straps, dither clouds
rising to lichen sot lichen belt turns.  riot banjo healer smacked the
parabola diddling rancher mambo, taken, pure bait long if knocked
liquid eardrum euphony.  dapper pool mavens burst her breast,
microwave trance coop wielding the grocer an beetle boeing: if
propped weeds turn to empty boughs spawned to local butter
harlotries, transplanted dairy fright & obscene sash yanks a bootlick
logging in flamenco.  chords of egress lure spelunked murking cattle
expo mayhem, quicker tinsel, glib halcyon terse grove suppository
mandible quilt.  rigged anthracite apocalypse inside truss march
done, wound splinters.  stapled & happy moan albumen barks
"bowery grin lately": outlaw blue moaning dosed protuberant vixen,
drawn & quartered abro crawl devas pierce gland fissures lapped
eternal rigmarole, jettisoned galactic furnace soma maverick please,
black an net.  mohawk serendipity hallows recoil train measures,
distilled anchorite visage is quail riot, told meggido hammer, the
arbitrary inn mugs & toxins.  calumbria brought goddess another
columbus meltdown chowder flags unfurled.  coughing blankets
circling teutonic asphalt pudding abandoned in he: cadillac heat
death is biblical queen. 




rising like welts the hailstones
pit tinkettle hats bearing
heads - a sandwich strop
jerkies between glass.
frozen chickens provide
redemption divine
as a glottal stop,
the distance from a fixed
point to a breath's
aspirations meantime
the skeletons don crested
helmets & bubbling cauldrons
of hill blossom into a cupric
nimbus, pesthouse mouths there
grow agape to catch
jugs of blowflies
buzzing the necklaced gallows.




Yitzirah is a cadence whispered in this terrible beauty of sun
spindling legs against black space and a thundering chorus of word polis
silence each letter is a topocosm "A" is the ox, elohim, bulls' blood
on the altar, the lit field stretched against the lack, where form emerges
as map's absence, where mother doubles conferencing eons of the arch,
drawn from Hydra heals the wound's bark retrenching to rain
through the black gulfs of the triangular gate breath sounds
the seamed creation and so Ein Soph called bayth, "B", the house
of transference, gate of Pan grinning soma's curtain from
the luminous darkness of the heart above beyond and into mouths
mercury below, ain uttered through ani, from the circle become a dot
through the fountain of flames to bodies knot Mosheh wheels pour 
in contracting joy amaranth raining in the musk of his rising,
wings protopneuma child sensate the budding poteau mitan
whirling, this is not the cherub's rose, but the scent considered,
a song of C's, where the hollow throat swells, a desert bloom,
a caravan of crescent moons, through the seven gates of the soul,
through the ear, by way of the syllable, Gimel joined to its health
she proceeds with the wave and carriers the air through crossed keys
strung black messiah devouring virgin bled to Attis his genitals
planted and crying "Mara! Mara!", from a site 10 billion light years
past, into and through an active gate, starbirth in stringy wisps,
or cyclinA swinging the loop to binding sight, where sign sings
a mirrored warp within the letters of itself poured through luminous
door, 52 gates in the hand's passage to what fish is only shadow
and remade ape's anxiety clutching watermarked quasar,
out of an amniotic ocean, daleth the door to the merkabah,
from triple goddess to vesica piscis, hand's delta and heart's island,
time's trinity through sky's quaternity, spagyric in the turning twelve,
to and through Polymnia daleth interpolation of seed hand I, 
unleashes the river, honey stream of green fire plucked from the yoni's 
starfed logoi fecund line lattice breathes in sidereal desire, through heh,
the window onto Tsimtsum, unfolding void in each diffuse marbled pane
liquid she holds feeding the hermit's flame, we gather this reed of Aima,
axle planter regression coiled splendor's lake, each emptiness extrapolates
from pleroma its return in seeded voice, itself ein sof in emanation
as us as is emits




SHE:  Did you make love last night?
          SHE:  Never, several times.


Tell me again what it was you think your father did to you?
          He looked at me repeatedly from the age of eleven.


See the little cockroach walk along the floor of your bedroom.
          See my gigantic toes curl over one another.


          HE:  Your bedroom or mine.
SHE:  Why not a motel or some other neutral turf, like the woods?


It is only under a dress that I surrender to you.
What makes you think my pants are so threatening?


To everything I saw you drool in agreement.
          I don't want to stop your flow.


          What do you know about God?
Only what he, no She, tells me.


Would you like something to read?
          Why do you want to poison me?


Look, look quick, to the sky.
          But there's nothing there.


          Can you imagine yourself married to me?
Only if you inherited your father's tail.


          Promise me you won't tell.
But what should I put on my rice?


          You're lucky to have lots of helpful friends.
Every one of them wants to watch me pee in my wallet.


What is the price of obtaining "prolapse"?
          If you need to ask, you can't afford it.


          May I touch you there?
Only if you know exactly when (pause) and exactly where?




Purviews fail to steal the show, they sample, sandy,
look inside their shoes to find concurrent motivation
and cement complete, maybe maps or maybe, current
sings with banjos nipping flowers in wild estrangement
or complete (bruises) what they separate in sand from
nooses, charity, and free-throw lines (blouses, clarion,
slow knee time) formica-like or plaid or bulbous
whistled slow detractive or conclusion (clad) simply
with balloons know fortune hunting bagatelles within or
outside reach and cloning (clumps of garbage sunk
outside lagoon where features coughed their only
benefits undressed so far only leased and snored,
clapping shirt-tail sequins 'cause their brick again to
insects itching off the wall fan spume supper's
quiet little thumb and why/why not a scupper slammed,
scores, tables lilting past their lift with cornstarch
on the face and in the hair, parted sand float wrapper,
flees, torch bower with a wrinkle in the unseen thigh
felt, flexing like a sheet or mud not easy to continue
walking in, although there is a job to do, although the
air is sandy.